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  1. C-Bo and Spice 1 both used to roll thru Durant Square. Hella hard- I love it!
  2. I was very sad about T-Dogg. Daryl has become my new fave since the pet zombies were killed
  3. I loved him in Last House on the Left too! - - - Updated - - - Just watched Season 1 thru the most recent in 3 days. Gotta love Netflix on Roku :-) Scandal and 666 Park Avenue are also great shows. Sometimes my tv gets stuck on Housewives but it's totally accidental :confused:
  4. I just tied and it up and made this shit real interesting. Meat meat meat meat meat. And potatoes. And their creamed spinach is delish too - - - Updated - - - It's like our brain is constantly thinking in unison.
  5. @Lochlan and I have been kayaking and paddle boarding at Schoonmaker Point in Sausalito. There are tons of seals out there -so cute and very playful! Great exercise while working on my tan :cool:
  6. They did! That's my friend's parents cleaners and they had 1st dibs when the lease came up. But the new Sol Food has a secret back patio area. shhhh
  7. The only thing you will think bout after eating Sol Food is an excuse to eat it again
  8. So you were that guy drinkin a 40 there the other day??!
  9. If you stay in Marin, you're close to Lagunitas brewery and lots of fun activities to do w/the little one like Muir Woods, Stinson Beach, driving up the 1 to Hog Island to get oysters. Ok fine, maybe these are things that I like to do...
  10. Eek all my friends are alcoholics! Wine doesn't count though, right?
  11. Barbie Doll


    This may be your new addiction!
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