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  1. thats looking great @introspect ? sorry if you've mentioned it before but who's doing that fine tattoo?
  2. Might just leave this here ;) Alex “Kofuu” Reinke Horikitsune | heartbeatink.gr
  3. @iowagirl the lady head you posted is a painting by Lina Stigsson http://www.linastigsson.com/ who would be doing the tattoo? Just be wary as if you aren't able to get her to do it then maybe it might be an idea to get another tattooer to draw up a design as they may not be able to do that beautiful painting justice (not trying to be a douche, just saying)
  4. Back piece of Tammeijiro Genshogo By Horinao, Cat Claw Tattoo-Z Kyoto
  5. @MadeIndelible check out https://www.facebook.com/GominekoBooksPage you will find what you seek ;)
  6. Cheers @TaeTae I'd say between 22-24 hours? Thanks @Mark Bee! Haha cheers @Iwar definitely planning on background (kami no koh) but may have to be put on the back burner for a little bit while I weigh up a few things - but it will be done. Thanks @hogg! Hiro and I where looking at your back while I was at his shop funnily enough ;) And also, thanks @Reyeslv it was definitely an experience... not one I'm wanting to repeat anytime soon lol. But I'm pretty sure it will be repeated. Last day off before work so I'll go though photos today, get a few things together and try and get a travel thread up over the weekend.
  7. Morning LST, after a long trip I made it home. As promised here is a pic of my finished (for now) back. Not the best pic but I'll see if I can get a better one ASAP. Completed over 5 sessions by Horinao at The Catclaw Tattoo-z Kyoto... I'm going to go pass out for a bit lol.
  8. Hey guys, here is a link to the Catclaw Blog that shows the progress over the first two days if anyone is interested 2日続ã‘ã¦ï½œCATCLAW TATTOO-Z I'll wait until I get home and see if they have posted the final pick and I'll put it up :) After some sight seeing today I feel like a grandpa but I think I need a nap lol. I fly out tomorrow and should be hitting it, but I am buggered!
  9. Well LST, I am happy to announce that after a brutal session we have finished the motif on my back! Not going to lie there where some moments when I wanted to tap but half way through Hiro dropped into the shop just to see it completed and that gave me what I needed to keep on keepin' on. All I heard was the door open and the war cry of "No Pain, No Gain". I nearly laughed but figured it wasn't the best time. Funny how the little things can keep you motivated and focused. I would have been pissed if I was so close to finishing and tapped on the final leg. I'm so wiped out but am also on that high that's probably going to keep me awake most of the night lol. Don't worry I'll post pics as soon as I can ;) and @RoryQ I don't think there will be any hard liqour tonight, I am well and truely spent.
  10. thanks @else !! I was thinking the same thing about the pic you posted in the overall look thread - gorgeous!!
  11. Cheers @RoryQ !! The outline was done last trip, think Kyoi (new apprentice) was just showing where we left off? Google translate is not my friend. If only we had a Japanese speaker on the forum who could translate for us... oh wait, @taaarro I'm looking at you ;) lol. By the looks of it that spot is not far from me at all, and I do love my jazz... and hard liquor is probably going to be neccessary lol. I have a few spots but always great to find others, cheers for the heads up! we'll have to swap spots when we both get a chance my good man.
  12. Cheers @Iwar it's good to be back my friend!! And since you asked so nicely, another travel blog it is haha. Well that was just over 4 hours of "fuck me" lol. 2 days back to back is no joke at all ( @Reyeslv you are a machine) but we got a lot done. Horinao thinks we might even be able to finish on Thursday if we make the session a little longer - and hells yeah I'm keen for that! He's kept the colour really traditional and no bells or whistles but that's fine by me, the original image is perfect anyway (in my eyes at least) @cibo y'all will have to wait until I at least get back home to be able to upload pics ;) but I won't keep you guys hanging. here's a link to the catclaw blog from yesterday http://ameblo.jp/catclaw-tattoo-z/entry-11716915808.html
  13. Konnichiwa LST!!! Writing this from Kyoto :D We did another 5 hours on my back yesterday which finished off the black and today we start colour. Then I have another 3 hour session Thursday evening and that will be it for this trip. Should leave about 7 hours or so to finish off the main motif. I'll post picks in the back piece thread once healed. It's been awhile since I've been on here - as Brock put it, been in "hibernation". Just want to say God damn there has been some amazing work being put out on here lately!! Excellent job everyone. In a weird kind of way it makes me really proud to see the forum and the community doing what it set out to do, and that's nothing but great tattoos. And the new blood on here are dropping some bombs!! Alright team, I shall update again when I get the chance and as mentioned post picks once everything settles down (probably should even do the long overdue travel blog lol) speak soon guys, genki de ne!!
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