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  1. @GlaryMilberg Norco is pretty far out but Chuco's pretty amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Here's a couple I've gotten recently: Dagger/rose by Charlie Roberts Greg Irons SNCL skulls by Candi Kinyobi Three wishes by Chuco Moreno Lady head/peacock/rose/name by Freddy Corbin Surfing Mahakala by Eddy Deutsche
  3. Got this Spotlight rose and dagger from Charlie Roberts a couple days ago!
  4. I finally have an appointment to get tattooed by Freddy Corbin. This is the third time I've tried in a bunch of years. I'm already so stoked :)
  5. I think eating right, getting sleep, keeping hydrated, etc. is definitely important. Getting tattooed, though, can be a heavy experience mentally, and I think when you're nervous, you might forget to take deep breaths or breathe at all and be physically very tense, which could very well make you feel like you're going to faint. The first time I got tattooed, I got my elbow done, and I was nervous and not breathing. I was turning green so the tattooist told me to take a break. Call me a hippy but meditating or doing some yoga before hand might be helpful.
  6. Can't find a pic, but I think Liam Sparkes has a tattoo from Lakra of a cholo taking a shit on his ass. Seems like the perfect subject matter and artist for the job.
  7. @jimmyirish Great! Yes let's get a beer!
  8. @jimmyirish You may very well already have resolved this, but I had the same worries, i.e. that he would balk at my idea, etc., but he was very friendly and there was no issue about doing a smaller piece. Japanese is also my first language so I don't know what it's like emailing with him in English. I think the big thing is that it takes muuuch longer than you might think so if you want to get it done in one trip you would have to get a very small piece.
  9. This!! Best tattoo experience. Don't sleep!!! I (WEAR A) BACK (PIECE BY) EDDY!!!!
  10. Just got this Jesus Daruma from Walter McDonald. Stoked to get tattoos from two people on my list (Walter and Charlie Roberts) in one summer at my friend's studio right here in Tokyo!
  11. I wouldn't worry. Four years healed.
  12. Heaviest spaces that I've gotten tattooed in: - Bob and Charlie Roberts' Spotlight Tattoo in Los Angeles - Horitoshi Studio/Tattoo Dojo in Ikebukuro - Ricky Tattoo in Hong Kong (I think it might be gone now) Heavy spaces that I've been in but haven't gotten tattooed in yet: - Temple Tattoo in Oakland Heavy spaces I'd like to travel back in time to get tattooed in: - Realistic Tattoo - Spotlite Tattoo - Thom Devita's studio in the LES - 222
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