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  1. TV casualties, said the man who watches music videos non-stop, while posting on forums all day, so I don't have to walk around in the heat.
  2. I've had better BBQ than you old fucks cook, while sitting on my couch and watching Freddy serve Kevin Spacey ribs. Honestly, where the hell has Ronny been? Not at my bar.
  3. Sounds like your dog talks too much.
  4. Running the streets of Oakland, and causing havoc, raising hell, and all on a blogger's budget. Slept in mansions, slept in a house that had so much shit on the walls that I couldn't stand up straight. Talked to some witches, and smoked hella reefer. Sat at a table with two drug dealers at a bar in Oakland's Temescal.
  5. This will be a read only thread for me, so take that into consideration. Welcoming responses, but will not comment on content. It's all behind closed doors, and I share a part and parcel of my life on the internet.
  6. Fellow LSTers, I've been writing as a means of travel and before that, a means of study and just plain fun. So, since I have such a respect for this forum, and the people whom I posted with in the days while it was just budding, including some of you assholes who stuck around, I'm gonna celebrate the year of the Goat, mid-August, The Month of The Mystic Black Rose, by naming my nom du plume, Maks Coren Wylt, which channels my studies into writing on Facebook, and in other spheres. I've spoken with Sonju Rattler, one of my good friends and one of my bar mentor's tattooers, about making these pieces of what I have deemed my entrance into writing in Oakland senses and what was the most influential part of my life for as long as I can remember, the works I do in my off time, and with close friends. I have emailed Ron Henry Wells with a draft of my past 8 days of travel, staying with musicians, and reading religious works. He's always been a bit off schedule as far as human time. I've been busy with connections between a friend's band and Tattoo 13, where they shot a video shoot that I set up with Hector Fong. There are many more places to go, and many more moons to howl at. I'd invite you all to read, and see what you make of it. I am going to be sending the writing to tattooers, as I see proper. Money just started becoming an item on the table. Gotta hustle. The Prayer Room, Maks Coren Wylt 2016 https://www.facebook.com/MaksCorenWylt/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
  7. Consultation with Theo Mindell this Saturday. Getting a lady head on my right thigh.
  8. @InkedMumma Ron Wells 2011/2012 Carolyn Le Bourgeois (@cltattooing) 2014, picture taken today Nick Colella 2011, picture taken today Some of my favorite tattoos, still. The knee ditch was hell, but other than that, I had really positive experiences for all three. Sorry about the photo quality on these, as all I have to take photos with is my iPhone 4.
  9. This is perfect. I have three snake tattoos, and can't stand snakes in real life. I have nightmares about them quite often. Can never have too many snake tattoos. I also have three rose tattoos (two black, one blue).
  10. Wow! Ron has gone in a really cool new direction with that one, @Graeme ! @taaarro Well done, sir. Now, we wait until all the kids start confusing the name with the now commonplace "Yaaaassssss" replacement for "Yes."
  11. [video] So, there's this company, a start up, that made tattoo ink that disappears in a few years. Looks like the guy in the video either has no tattoos, or chose to cover them up, the latter of which I highly doubt. That's just a start as to why I think this is a terrible idea. I'll leave this here for your viewing.
  12. An update. I got an email from Bridget Punsalang today stating that the bill was amended to not require single-use caps. Here's the actual bill, in case anyone wants to read the fine print. The parts in brackets are to be removed from the bill. Section 1. Subdivisions 10 and 11 of section 460 of the public health law, as added by chapter 230 of the laws of 2015, are amended to read as follows: 10. ["Single use ink" shall mean a sealed and pre-filled package of ink that is only intended for a single use] "APPROVED INK HANDLING PROCEDURE" SHALL MEAN TATTOO INK STORAGE AND USE PROCEDURES THAT ARE APPROVED AND DEEMED PROTECTIVE BY THE DEPARTMENT. 11. "Single use needle" shall mean a [sealed and sterile package of a disposable needle] NEEDLE THAT IS STERILE AND THAT HAS NEVER BEEN USED ON ANOTHER PERSON. S 2. Section 467 of the public health law, as added by chapter 230 of the laws of 2015, is amended to read as follows: S 467. Single use tattoo and body piercing equipment. 1. All tattoo studios and body piercing studios [must ensure that single use inks and] SHALL USE ONLY single use needles [are used] AND APPROVED INK HANDLING PROCEDURES in all tattoo and body piercing proce- dures performed in such establishments. 2. Prior to a person receiving a tattoo or body piercing from a licensed tattooist or body piercing specialist, such person and licensed tattooist or body piercing specialist must sign a form confirming that the tattooist or body piercing specialist: EXPLANATION--Matter in ITALICS (underscored) is new; matter in brackets [ ] is old law to be omitted. LBD13287-06-6 A. 8671--A 2 [a.] (A) Presented all single use [materials] NEEDLES in a sterile and sealed package, that are to be used during the tattoo or body piercing procedure, to the person receiving such tattoo or body piercing, AND EXPLAINED THAT ONLY APPROVED INK HANDLING PROCEDURES WOULD BE USED; and [b.] (B) Opened all single use [materials] NEEDLES that are to be used during the tattoo or body piercing procedure [including needles, inks and other instruments] in the presence of the person receiving such tattoo or body piercing. 3. A copy of the [consent] CONFIRMATION form shall be given to the person receiving a tattoo or body piercing. The tattoo studio or body piercing studio shall retain a copy of such [consent] CONFIRMATION form for a period not less than seven years. 4. THE COMMISSIONER SHALL MAKE REGULATIONS UNDER THIS SECTION. S 3. Section 3 of chapter 230 of the laws of 2015 amending the public health law relating to requiring tattoo studios and body piercing studios to use single use needles and inks, to obtain consent forms from customers and to maintain customer consent forms for a period of not less than seven years, is amended to read as follows: S 3. This act shall take effect [on the one hundred twentieth day] ONE YEAR after it shall have become a law; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, THAT THE COMMISSIONER OF HEALTH MAY MAKE REGULATIONS AND TAKE ANY OTHER ACTIONS NECESSARY FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THIS ACT ON ITS EFFECTIVE DATE BEFORE SUCH DATE. S 4. The commissioner of health shall periodically review the regu- lations authorized by section 467 of the public health law to determine if the standards set forth therein are appropriate. S 5. This act shall take effect on the same date and in the same manner as chapter 230 of the laws of 2015, takes effect.
  13. Awesome. I'm not gonna have space for knee tattoos of that size. Not that I regret my tattoos near my knees or anything, but sometimes I wish I saved room. Maybe I'll just get Higgs roses.
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