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  1. Hey everyone! So I’m using this time in lockdown to really think about my next tattoo. I still have a lot to think about design wise but want most of that to come from working with the artist - I’m not very artistically minded so while I have an idea, I have no clue what would work best let alone as a tattoo and I fully accept this. That being said - I have no clue how to search for an artist that I connect with. I am currently technically homeless as I was traveling internationally for work when this all started and had sold everything before I left. I have no clue where I’ll be when th
  2. [mention]JessicaRae [/mention] posted elsewhere with updates about what hers turned out to be. Maybe take a look there to see if it’s similar. Either way - I suggest consulting your doctor if you’re worried. Better safe than sorry, many doctors offices are doing consultations over video call right now too. Bumps on black ink: https://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/t/8219-bumps-on-black-ink/
  3. That’s what it seemed like to me when I thought about it too. But with the style I wonder how easily it could actually be added on to. I feel like it might depend on the initial tattoo and having the original artist understanding that was the point of the tattoo. But could that be said about another style as well or is this something that’s a bit more unique to trash polka.
  4. Jae

    Hello to all!

    That I ask a question and then almost immediately find the answer myself
  5. Not sure if you all have seen this. But it always makes me laugh
  6. [mention]Padji [/mention] How was your trip? Did you get the tattoo(s) you wanted? Would love to see pictures if you did! (Both of your tattoos and your travels!)
  7. I found out about trash polka a couple years ago. The thing that hit me as interesting was that the one who told me about it was talking about it in terms of a style that could work for a piece that is incomplete (like an ever growing piece that you’re always adding onto) but not actually look incomplete. Thoughts?
  8. Jae

    Hello to all!

    Never mind [emoji23][emoji28] I finally found the information right after posting a question about it. Not even remotely surprised honestly. This happens way too often
  9. Jae

    Hello to all!

    Hello all. Quick question that I might just be over looking the answer. How do you become able to post original threads in other sections of the forum? I can only create a thread here, not in any other section of the forum. Thanks!
  10. Thank you! Got to admit. It was difficult to pick and choose which pictures. I took so many.
  11. Thanks [mention]pidjones [/mention] ! I have an interview this Friday actually! Many of my possible employers are thankfully still going through the hiring process, they just aren’t having people start until it’s all over.
  12. Jae

    Hello to all!

    Thanks! Here’s my current one :) it’s on my ankle
  13. Currently in lockdown in the middle of nowhere spending my time applying for new jobs and trying to figure out where I’m going to live next. Just got done with a 14 day self-quarantine though since I recently returned to the states after traveling around Asia and Africa for work (though that schedule was changed multiple times and then cut drastically short due to COVID-19. I should still be in Africa right now!) Here are a couple pictures from some of my recent travels!
  14. Hey everyone! I’m new on here (obviously) and looking to meet some people, talk tattoos, and ask for some advice. I have one tattoo already and have been playing around with 2 other ideas. Hoping to get one of them after this lockdown stuff is over with and I figure out where I’m going to live. I’m starting with just lurking around the forum and seeing what I can find. But I’m sure I’ll be asking some advice soon. Hope you are all staying healthy, safe, and sane in these crazy times! Jae
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