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  1. my whole shop will be there again this year. It's a really good show, with a stellar line up of non-ego driven tattooers doin' rad tattoos. - - - Updated - - - my whole shop will be there again this year. It's a really good show, with a stellar line up of non-ego driven tattooers doin' rad tattoos.
  2. This is the dog faced St Christopher. I'm actually tattooing a client with his likeness right now. His family patron. He was apparently a cannibal, and that is why he is shown with the head of a dog..... kind of rad.
  3. It really sounded like somebody was writing an essay for school or something. It was a pretty rudimentary outline for a research-type essay, and was pretty poorly written. Maybe high school, or crap, even college. They probably chose the topic of Racism and Tattoo for their class, and then took shots in the dark at supporting the argument they had already proposed to the teacher. Personally, I didn't finish reading it, and didn't check out the mentioned blog, though. Either way, it was retarded.
  4. we actually had/have (I don't pay attention much to the other shops in town) a shop called POISON INK.... I always thought that was one of the most horrible names I had ever heard. I actually tattooed a guy that had gotten a tattoo there, and had gotten an infection. Now, I make no claims that anything they did caused the infection, I just thought it was ironic as shit!
  5. myself and a co-worker walked in and got tattooed by Santoro in June 2010. We called first, but had no problem being walk-ins. Awesome shop!
  6. wow, I think most injuries are by pure stupidity. I'm kind of clumsy. Hit my head on a bunch of stuff, and just today I sliced my finger open catching a falling frame which the glass broke on.... Also had a frame once fall off the wall and hit me hard in the back (as we were attempting to secure a table top into the wall...... Took a nice scoop out of a finger sweeping my floor once...... the worst two were: Fracturing my skull during my drunken car surfing phase. I lost about 3 or 4 hours of my life. My friend thought I was dead when he found me, and I apparently was seizuring while I w
  7. @cu-bu there are a couple pics of henning working on my back in frisco here: http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-101/1513-pix-sfo-convention.html he also has one from one of our sessions up on his instagram. not much of an exhibitionist myself, so, not really into posting or taking pics of myself.... @hogg thank you kindly for the kind words on my humble tattoos! and, yeah, I feel very lucky to have gotten so much work from Henning. He is quite a rad individual. I hope I can be as able and excited about tattooing after doing it as many years as him. Especially as he seems
  8. Well, I can say getting my backpiece has made me think I don't have any other tattoos. It is physically and mentally the most challenging thing I have ever put myself through (tattoo wise). I chose my artist (Henning Jorgensen) because I admired his work, and because I was comfortable around him (I'm pretty shy). I just told him the basic idea, and obviously let him do whatever he wanted. I'm about 65 hours into it (It goes from neck to knees), and we started about 2 1/2 years ago. We should finish this year. Because of the traveling involved I have to sit all day. Even on bad days, when
  9. I think, living in the southwest, we actually have a decent understanding, as the swastika is a native symbol. The college in my city used to use the swastika as its symbol. my dad's house up in denver actually has a swastika built into the brick outside on the fireplace (pre world war II construction). I think with a symbol like that you take it on a case by case basis. If someone wants to put themselves out to be judged by others, more power to them (unless they are a nazi piece of shit. then they can just go fuck themselves.... but I think those that subscribe to that kind of a doctri
  10. Yeah, blood borne pathogen info goes without saying. I was already planning on that little gem.
  11. Not sure if this is the place to start a thread like this (and if not, please delete). I come from the mindset that one should not share tattoo info with anyone other than peers, or the very very very few deemed worthy (meaning they are paying dues and earn it)...... However, I will be going to Nairobi on my way back to SA in January. My brother is currently residing there, and being someone that has been close to the tattoo scene for so long, he has befriended a tattooer there. I have been forewarned that he would like to buy any equipment I might be wanting to sell, and will very much like
  12. @Ticktat2 should just read ticktat2
  13. for some reason the above link didn't work for me. if that is the case for anyone else, it is on youtube as well....
  14. I agree that arizona only needs the one coleman, and I also don't see the denial of opening a shop in a certain location as out of the ordinary. I had to convince our landlord that we were "good people" before she would allow us to rent from her. She had a belief in a certain tattoo stigma of bad bad folks associated with tattoo. The city I live in has ordinances against all kinds of stuff. No booze within x miles of a church. No boobie bars within the city limits. No trash within view of a street. No weeds in your yard. etc etc etc. I can't say Arizona is pro tattoo or anti tattoo.
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