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  1. looking for copies of these. i have 4, 5, and 6. just want the first 3. Let me know if you know anyone interested in letting them go. thanks.
  2. thanks yall, i ended up finding copies. Much appreciation.
  3. If a reputable tattooer refers to you as a collector its not a bad thing, its self proclaimed turds that get tattooed by like 3 different people in their hometown that give it a bad name.
  4. Anyone know how to get ahold of Mr. Hibbard? absolutely looking to get a set of machines from him. His FB doesnt look very active and was wondering if anyone had an email for him.
  5. i gotta do one for this kids blog. figured id see what other people were. in no particular order: Mellow Harsher: s/t - Graem from SFNs new band. so fucking fast and out of control. Scaphe: forking paths lp- duel bass heaviness from minne. Madlib Medicine Show-theres 13 out, ive heard almost all of them. theyre all good. Dead Language: s/t lp- I cant listen to this record enough. Probably my favorite of 2011. Domo Genesis: Rolling papers lp- Im really losing intrest in odd future, but rolling papers is fucking awesome. ill probably post more as i think of them. whatever.
  6. yeah i think i follow all of these, def good ones for sure. i forgot to mention mine im @moezesucks i mostly take pictures of my sphynx cats and weird punk houses i stay in.
  7. and yeah!! fucking death grips so good that shit is out on grindcorekaraoke.com i have like 6 records out on that website. so much good shit on there. xrin arms has like a 115 song instrumental record on there its so fucking awesome, dude normally does digi grind but makes beats too. also pwrecks is really good hiphop out on GK as well. xrin arms makes those beats too but theyre fucking weird mad noisey good tho.
  8. i just heard asap rocky good stuff.
  9. Fan of The following @(s): Inmates daily Jamie Thomas seventh letter Most expensive dinners uncle Allen Mario desa Honkey kong Norm awr Good locals that deserve credit(buffalony): @jonmirro @Chrislombardi (both tattooers at HOD) @buffalony (some kid that takes really nice picture of our my city) @cabbagerwsb (takes only pictures of solo vintage automotives, sick photographer)
  10. Yeah I saw that too, just checking to see if anyone had like a rough shape copy they would be willing to let go of for a little cheaper. Thanks tho.
  11. Yeah chris is rad dude. Thanks for the welcome tho. Ill be posting a bit more on here i think. This board is righteous.
  12. I like it alot its cheap and thers tons of great food. but its a small city in a not good way sometimes, and the winters are pretty rough.
  13. having a really hard time finding them. if anyone has an extra set or anything id gladly take them off your hands. thanks.
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