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    Tattoos, Guitars, Conan O'brien.
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  1. This is quite a special thing you've all put together, I will echo everyone else and say thank you for having us.
  2. Hope you have a rad trip man! I wish I was still up there to show you around a little, but there's obviously a bunch of good LST'ers up there to help you out. Get in touch if you need anything though. Safe travels dude!
  3. I was going to get a foie tattoo in Quebec City, but the artist my friend recommended was out fishing. Gotta appreciate the balance of that.

  4. I really like your food blog, and your love of foie.

  5. Awesome video, Soundtrack is spot on too..
  6. Stewart, this tattoo is so good.
  7. Eagle and Girl Head by Nick Rodin @ Blackheart tattoo SF Lettering by Mike Lucena. ( when he worked @ Blackheart)
  8. nicky papers


    Done by Stuart Cripwell @ Spider Murphys in San Rafael, CA
  9. nicky papers


    My hands done by Nick Rodin @ Blackheart Tattoo SF
  10. By Grant Cobb @ Spotlight Tattoo, Los Angeles, CA
  11. By Stuart Cripwell @ Spider Murphys, San Rafael, CA
  12. nicky papers


    By Stuart Cripwell @ Spider Murphys In San Rafael, CA
  13. So I have a couple questions for the folks that are completely covered. Were you happy to be totally tattooed and have a completed suit or a little bummed out cause you couldn't get any more tattoos? I've seen quite a few people just start slappin new ones on top of old ones for a 2nd coat...thoughts?
  14. nicky papers

    pat rock of ages

    this is really good.
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