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  1. Send your friend to Stewart Robson @ Modern Classic Tattoo, I've seen him do some amazing cover ups. At the least he might be able to give your friend some real advise ssuch as lightening the tattoo with a couple laser sessions before he goes in for the cover up, that way the tattooer has a little more freedom...
  2. wow, the cover up is amazing! You're so stoked!!!
  3. just got this from Stewart Robson... I have a couple on my back from Grime that I'll post once they're done...
  4. Change of plans, I'll be at the convention Saturday and Sunday if I can find a spot to crash on Saturday night. My appt. With Stewart is Sunday at 12 :)
  5. My place to crash for the weekend just flaked. I feel like this happened last year :( If anyone wants to give up their hotel room floor I'd be glad to pay up some cash. I can't afford a room and I have an appt on Friday that I can't miss... I won't miss, it'll just make it easier if I have a place to crash on Friday night. Anyone at the Hyatt or near by for Thursday and/or Friday night?
  6. if anyone has any questions about visiting the City and whatever else feel free to message me and I can tell you what I've enjoyed on my travels to SF...
  7. 2 weeks away, lets get this thread poppin'!! did Matt decide to go? I asked him a few weeks back if I'd be seeing him and he said too much had come up for him. I'd love to hear otherwise...
  8. looks great!
  9. Grime said he knows what he has planned, he just wouldn't say which is no surprise.... I'm seeing him Friday for a session on my back...
  10. I couldn't find a thread for this years convention and seeing as how it's basically next month I figured we needed one... Who's going? Any Appointments lined up? Anyone interested in a get together? - - - Updated - - - oh yeah, I'm getting a tattoo from Stewart Robson on Friday evening! So pumped!!
  11. Off to SF to see Grime on the 25th, a couple more sessions on my back and it should be a wrap! I also got an appt with Owen Williams from Australia (@otatts on IG) who will be guesting at Skull and Sword in Aug. 15, the plan is to get a namakubi and a peony... can't wait! :D
  12. I had no idea about this site. I'm thinking that might have been a good thing... for my bank account, anyways... Stewart, sent you an email the other week...
  13. I'm such a sucker! I love Colin's art and couldn't resist putting a down payment on this original. Pix do it no justice, this piece is absolutely AMAZING!!