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  1. Had this bad boy added to my sleeve Thursday last week. So happy!
  2. Some progression of my nautical sleeve done by Mike Stockings.
  3. Mike Stockings @ Legacy Ink, Haverhill
  4. Mike Stockings @ Legacy Ink, Haverhill
  5. Another session on my sleeve done by Mike Stockings on Thursday. Couldn't be happier!
  6. Mike Stockings @ Legacy Ink
  7. I don't have a photo of it to hand, hence why I didn't include it on the original post. Suffice to say it's a 3/4 finished, half sleeve, tribal piece done by one of his mates when drunk. It didn't come out so well, as you might imagine. The guy has been wanted it sorted for years but didn't have the money to get it done properly until now.
  8. Cheers for the replies. I sent him the way of Family Business but they weren't very helpful. He's been in touch with Matt Black at Good Times and he seems to be on board so maybe the problem is sorted! Thanks again for any advice - I've sent him the way of Stewart @ Modern Classic as well so he has another option.
  9. Haha. Yeah. I only have two tattoos and I love both far too much to cover them up.
  10. Hey all, Sorry if there's already a thread for these kind of questions, but couldn't find anything after a quick search. A good friend of mine desperately wants to get a cover up of a tattoo he had done by a mate back when he was 17. Thing is, he's gone into a few shops here in London and has pretty much been laughed off the premises. Is this a normal thing? Do tattooers and parlours frown upon the idea of a cover-up? So now he doesn't know what to do and feels like a bit of a tool for even asking. I was just hoping for some advice from the Last Sporrow community and/or some recommendation
  11. Got this started last Wednesday by Mike Stockings, he was guesting at Black Garden Tattoo in London. Few more sessions to go and other bits and pieces to add! Super happy with how it's started.
  12. Had 5 hours on my right arm yesterday. I'm already fed up of wrapping it up. That is all.
  13. Wow. They may as well have sent my Mum down there.
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