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  1. How about Justin Olivier? Lawrence Edwards? Pony Reinhardt? Casper Mugridge (Canada)
  2. Pigs might fly! I got a souvenir while my son spent his Christmas gift certificate.
  3. I'm supposed to get the tattoo I didn't get yesterday on the 1st. I wish my artist to not be hungover :eek:
  4. My dad did that last Christmas. Nice to have the time off, but terrible to watch everyone else eating.
  5. Or not. Today's appointments were kind of blown off by the shop. He is 'stuck' getting his there because his gift certificate is bought and paid for, but I'm seriously considering forfeiting my deposit.
  6. I think your designs are pretty cool, and a solution that could work is to use a medium that holds better than ink in skin. Have you looked into having them made into rings? I think that would be really neat. Even neater if you could include the couple in casting the rings. You could also have the original art framed for them. There are lots of things you can do with your art that aren't specifically finger tattoos. We just use our fingers a lot, and they don't hold intricate designs as well as other parts of the body would. Check out some "new vs. old" finger tattoos to see what we mean - they spread and fade quicker than almost any other body part.
  7. Tornado6


    A way more boss panther head really could cover that... How on earth has LST not jumped on that yet? :) Do you need any military tattoos? Also, Japanese can cover a lot! http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-removal-coverup/7117-wip-cover-up.html
  8. DS is getting a gift certificate for Christmas, and I believe I'll be adding a flying pig to my left leg when he goes in to spend it :cool:
  9. I'd venture a guess - Rock N Ink?
  10. I have a house rabbit, Lola. She's still a baby - just four months old.
  11. I have a strawberry plant for my mom. I think I'll have a thistle for my Dad someday. They aren't memorial tattoos, though. I'm sorry for your loss. Around here, the walls are filled with lots of memorial designs. There isn't anything wrong with some flash you like plus names / initials. Parents and your own children are exempt from the "no names" tattoo rules, IMO.
  12. Not yet, but I got a late start - I don't know if I'll be "done" by then ;)
  13. Nah, brilliant. This way you'll only be laid up once. ;)
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