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    Owner of Rock'n Ink Mansfield Woodhouse Nottinghamshire UK Been tattooing five years I live breath love tattooing i specialise in black and grey
  1. Hey I'm guest spotting in Las Vegas in June have u got any slots around that time
  2. Rockninkuk

    chest lion tattoo 1st session.

    awesome tattoo bro
  3. Rockninkuk

    Roses And Pocketwatch

    Leigh Coombs
  4. Rockninkuk

    Cover Up Grim Reaper

    Leigh Coombs
  5. Rockninkuk

    Virgin Mary

    Leigh Coombs
  6. Rockninkuk

    Bob Marley Portrait

    Leigh Coombs
  7. Rockninkuk

    Staffordshire Bull Terrier Portrait

    Leigh Coombs
  8. Rockninkuk

    Praying Hands

    Leigh Coombs
  9. Rockninkuk


    Leigh Coombs
  10. Rockninkuk

    Frankenstein Portrait

    Leigh Coombs
  11. Rockninkuk

    Hey From UK

    My studio is Rock'n Ink Mandfield Woodhouse Nottinghamshire UK
  12. Rockninkuk

    Tattoo artist needed

    Hey Are u looking for guest artists
  13. Hi Are you taking guest artists ?
  14. HI Are you taking guest artists
  15. Rockninkuk

    Hey From UK

    Hey everyone nice to met you all im here looking for guest sports across the US been tattooing five years and own my own studio here in the UK