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  1. Lara at Daredevil also does beautiful peonies.
  2. I just saw you roll up on my IG, @sophistre, and came right over to see if you'd posted yet. Looks AMAZING!
  3. We just went around mine, leaving a little ring of un-tattooed skin around so that I or my dermatologist can see any changes in the moles' borders. I've got too much skin cancer in my family to risk not being able to see an abnormality. (If they're flat and look like little pinpricks of red ink, they may not be moles, but tiny capillary growths called cherry hemangiomas. I've got tons of those.)
  4. I got some blowout on one of my bats when I got the lines done, on one of the wing tips curving up over the trapezius area of my neck/shoulder. Very streaky, instead of the sort of halo staining I'd seen from my research beforehand. I sent the artist a picture of it, then when I went in for my next session, she said, "Eh, I'm gonna put a leaf there anyway." I can still see the blown-out ink if I look hard for it, but the leaves did absorb it really well.
  5. Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but there's an article about Daredevil Tattoo in Inked, about the museum pieces at the shop. Anyway, I thought some of you tattoo history buffs might be interested in the old flash. :)
  6. Hee. I'm terrible about neologisms, rude portmanteau words, and onomatopoeia-ing. I'm also one of those people who pronounces the "wh" in whale, which, why, etc. So imagine me sitting up on the table with blotchy, puffy face, demented hair, and feverish light in my eyes, blowing out my cheeks with a "WHOOOF."
  7. Welp, except for a touch-up sometime in the future if I need one, I am done. Still bruised and inflamed in certain places, so will post pics later. Absolutely the most painful session to date, I suppose because it was a hopscotch of smaller things all over my back instead of just grinding in two or three bigger areas one after the other. Whoof.
  8. @jen7 I was always going to get a tattoo when I "earned it." Lost the weight, sold a book, etc, etc, etc. I'm still overweight, and have always hated my body, but I can't even tell you how lovely it is to look in the mirror and like something you see. Instead of just going out into the bedroom to dry off after a shower, and avoiding the Hugh Jass vanity mirror like the plague on the way in, I twist around to look at my lovely back every time. Seriously, it's like when they painted designs on those dolphins and gave them mirrors, and they just twirled around and admired themselves, haha! It ca
  9. Thanks, @Tornado6! I'm really excited to see how those reds look healed. I'd gone in having pretty much decided Not Red, so I said "I think I like the teal," and she said, "We gonna do red." So it's red. :D
  10. We ended up going with red for the cord winding through my bats after all--a dark Brick red and one called Red Velvet. Got the last peony colored and about half the cord done, so I think just one more session to finish it all up, which I think will make eight en toto. I'll post a pic as soon as the bruising around the red ink doesn't look so dire. :D
  11. @tay943 Originally, we were going to do teal because it is complementary--cool to go with the warm flowers. The bats are the point of the tattoo for me, as the flowers lose color over the years, the bats will still be center stage. I feel like the red (depending on what shade) would probably stand out about as much for me as the teal, overall. Thanks for all the thoughts, you guys! She's going to end up picking anyway--I'll just go with what she decides--but she always asks, and since before I started the tattoo I wasn't intending to get color at all, I usually just go "Uhhhh..." :D
  12. Thanks @SeeSea. You're right, it's hard to tell from just that pic, but I was hoping the general color palette was visible enough--I'll see if I have a better one somewhere of the latest work, healed. One more hashmark for red! :D
  13. @Breakme, violet is an interesting thought! The peonies are all either shades of pink, or that sort of tangerine/yellow/coral--just variations of what's on my shoulder there. @Gingerninja Thanks! Well, she's been talking about starting the cord soon, so depending on how long it takes to do the last peony, she might start filling it in next session. Though the last one is pretty much sitting entirely on my lower back, so I'm not sure how many hours I'll be doing that day.
  14. Hey ladies (thread), I think my tattooer's going to do the remaining peony before the cord winding through, but we're still waffling on what color to do the cord. She'd originally planned on doing it a deep teal, but now she's thinking a nice dark red. Any other suggestions for colors we can talk about at the next session? :D
  15. My artist freehanded the cord winding through the peonies on my back with a marker, and about two weeks later, that whole part of the outline became red and itchy and raised for a couple of weeks. No other part of the tattoo that had been done the same day with a stencil did that. She hasn't had to freehand anything since, since it's all shading and color we're doing now, so it hasn't happened again. ETA: that particular marker wasn't a Sharpie, fwiw.
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