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  1. Hey. I have a few small moles - very very small, not raised at all, more like someone dotted my skin with red ink - on my biceps and triceps and I plan to have a tattoo there...should I find a new spot? Also, i had a tattoo about 3 months ago and after it i felt like a small bumb on it, I thought was like an alergic reaction -cream it and it didn't go away. On further inspection is a little mole. Should I get this checked? I am kind of paranoid and never though about moles and tattoo because I don't see myself as a person with lots of moles but if you look closely there are some there...I want a tattoo not to die so. Advice? Thanks!
  2. I read conflicting things...is it safe? Did anyone do it? What do you think, what's the general consensu, what's your personal experience? thanks!
  3. Not a bad rule! but you'd have no shame getting something similar to a good one you've seen on instagram?
  4. You think so? Let me give a few examples from a tattoo artist i recently discovered and like: https://www.facebook.com/andimorutan.tattoos/photos/a.638226902967519.1073741836.457425161047695/699273073529568/?type=1&theater https://www.facebook.com/andimorutan.tattoos/photos/a.638226902967519.1073741836.457425161047695/680712792052263/?type=1&theater when i see these i'm thinking.. pretty nice! how do i get something this interesting? That's what I mean by original idea.
  5. So how do you get ideas thta are original. Oftentimes I see a tattoo that I LOVE but I feel it's bad taste to copy. So that's another idea i can't use...so?
  6. That's interesting. I would say that constantly looking at tattoes online on instagram, forums and facebook of my favorite artist is "active learning", right? I just don'\t seem to be able to visualize a cool tattoo and maybe I don't know exactly what I want. I really like the feeling of getting tattooed but i'm not interested in the meaning of it, just the aesthetics of good tattooes on my skin.
  7. Is this kosher? I mean, I kind of think that I have no imagination when it comes to tattooes. I see cool stuff online but I couldn't come up with the idea myself. Is is alright to go to an artist and say.." look, i want something cool, let's say some sort of animal or flower, is there anything you'd really want to do, use my skin!". Is this basically an impossible task for the tattooer? or welcomed? Thanks!
  8. I have this tattoo on my triceps and now I want to do something around it to make ti look better and not lonely there. I was thinking a sun with golden waves...but any idea would be good! thanks! Imgur
  9. https://instagram.com/p/3vpDonv9fL/?taken-by=machinaelectrica I'm looking forward to get an arm tattoo by this guy but again, I can't tell the quality of his work but it looks really good [ to me ] What do you guys think?
  10. I agree, but I don't know now what i'd want so can't really plan with a big tattoo in the future :)
  11. Is this a haiku? what does "go bigger is a good one" means? what do you mean by content? that is not a good idea for a tattoo? did you see the photo? - - - Updated - - - Thanks!
  12. haha. that's a pretty nice rule. How do you know how would i tlook in 10 years though? - - - Updated - - - Really? I thought it's a derogative : is that a tattoo? or did you get it from a bubblegum?
  13. I just cna't picture this on my inner bicep ..but ankle can be a good idea! maybe shoulder..
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