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  1. Hey. I have a few small moles - very very small, not raised at all, more like someone dotted my skin with red ink - on my biceps and triceps and I plan to have a tattoo there...should I find a new spot? Also, i had a tattoo about 3 months ago and after it i felt like a small bumb on it, I thought was like an alergic reaction -cream it and it didn't go away. On further inspection is a little mole. Should I get this checked? I am kind of paranoid and never though about moles and tattoo because I don't see myself as a person with lots of moles but if you look closely there are some there...I want a tattoo not to die so. Advice? Thanks!
  2. I read conflicting it safe? Did anyone do it? What do you think, what's the general consensu, what's your personal experience? thanks!
  3. Not a bad rule! but you'd have no shame getting something similar to a good one you've seen on instagram?
  4. You think so? Let me give a few examples from a tattoo artist i recently discovered and like: when i see these i'm thinking.. pretty nice! how do i get something this interesting? That's what I mean by original idea.
  5. So how do you get ideas thta are original. Oftentimes I see a tattoo that I LOVE but I feel it's bad taste to copy. So that's another idea i can't
  6. That's interesting. I would say that constantly looking at tattoes online on instagram, forums and facebook of my favorite artist is "active learning", right? I just don'\t seem to be able to visualize a cool tattoo and maybe I don't know exactly what I want. I really like the feeling of getting tattooed but i'm not interested in the meaning of it, just the aesthetics of good tattooes on my skin.
  7. Is this kosher? I mean, I kind of think that I have no imagination when it comes to tattooes. I see cool stuff online but I couldn't come up with the idea myself. Is is alright to go to an artist and say.." look, i want something cool, let's say some sort of animal or flower, is there anything you'd really want to do, use my skin!". Is this basically an impossible task for the tattooer? or welcomed? Thanks!
  8. I have this tattoo on my triceps and now I want to do something around it to make ti look better and not lonely there. I was thinking a sun with golden waves...but any idea would be good! thanks! Imgur
  9. I'm looking forward to get an arm tattoo by this guy but again, I can't tell the quality of his work but it looks really good [ to me ] What do you guys think?
  10. I agree, but I don't know now what i'd want so can't really plan with a big tattoo in the future :)
  11. Is this a haiku? what does "go bigger is a good one" means? what do you mean by content? that is not a good idea for a tattoo? did you see the photo? - - - Updated - - - Thanks!
  12. haha. that's a pretty nice rule. How do you know how would i tlook in 10 years though? - - - Updated - - - Really? I thought it's a derogative : is that a tattoo? or did you get it from a bubblegum?
  13. I just cna't picture this on my inner bicep ..but ankle can be a good idea! maybe shoulder..
  14. Yeah clearly. That was good advice but not very helpful. I still have no clue where to put my bodybuilder mickey mouse and still not look like a fucking sticker. Do you have an idea? Imgur
  15. Thanks. Unfortunately I don't have nor want for now some really big pieces...
  16. Hello, I've been struggling with this lately. I am at a point where I want a few small tattoos but I feel that they will look like stickers...I don't know how to counteract this thing, better placement? Here's an example: I want to get a mickey mouse on my shoulder. I tried a little sketch and it just looks like smth that you get from a bubblegum and stick on your skin for a day. Any ideas?
  17. . The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as an emotion. That is, pain is a perception rather than a sensation, and the experience of pain is fundamentally no different than why someone experiences a work of art as beautiful and engaging whereas another finds it as boring and mundane. - Anoop T. Balachandran Something to think about :)
  18. Look, Heather. I don't want to come off as rude...but from your rhetoric I get a deep sense of indecisiveness and not really knowing what you want. Together with the fact that you don't have the conviction to stand by what you do want [ like this fox, you wanted it now you're like, maybe i should cover it up...after what? 1 month? ] you are too easily swayed by your own insecurities and maybe the opinions of some jerks, assholes or simply people with a different opinion than yourself. What I mean by all that is that, I think you should really really focus on figuring our what you really want in life, from yourself as a person..good, personal and RIGHT tattooes will just be a side effect of knowing yourself. Trust me on that. Press pause, stop obsessing about this fox for a while and look at the whole experience as a starting point to a much needed maturity. If you don't, you'll just cover it up with something that you really don't want either and it's just a vicious circle that will only get you more confused and depressed and neurotic. I might be wrong in which case I apologize, just something I gathered from your posts. a few question to get you started: 1. Why did you want this tattoo in the first place? 2. Why something origami-style?
  19. To be fair. Does it matter anymore? It is what it is. Your tattoo. Love it as you should love your body with its flaws and unique marks. Basically, this tattoo shows a bit of life passed by you and that's that. If anyone makes you feel bad about it, it's on them not on the tattoo..or you :) Don't worry.
  20. lololo. good observation :)) how about smth like this? Imgur
  21. HAHA! yes indeed!! just the diagram the text was in the photo but all I want is the second diagram. Rip would be proud! - - - Updated - - - That's bad...? - - - Updated - - - I do, but I'm afraid it would look like a sticker instead of a cool tattoo.
  22. Hey guys, I'm thinking to get this [ or a variation of this ] as a tattoo but I have a hard time coming with the perfect placement for it. Any ideas? thanks!