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  1. Yes, I think that is what I've decided. Some beautiful Japanese flowers against the waves or water would be nice.I don't want to take away from the Tenyo.Also, I agree that putting a shishi or a dragon on the arm will not be good for me. I want it to be readable. Time to tone up my thighs and get a dragon piece.
  2. I am at a loss for what to add on to this to make it a full sleeve. I want to take it to the wrist. I'm not sure what would go well with it. Dragon? Foo dog? Stick with the story and do a fisherman? Another Japanese feminine character?
  3. Got this done a while back. They are fresh photos so excuse the shine. It started up as a fix for Nefertiti since she was old and looked like a blob. I could not stop after that and decided to do the whole leg/ Egyptology is a major interest of mine.
  4. I'm from Iowa in the US. It is very rude here not to tip. It is the opposite in the UK? Is it considered an insult?
  5. Dragging up an old thread. But I'm getting ready to enter my back piece in the Best of the Midwest tattoo convention in February. I'm no skinny thing, mind you. I wonder if the judges take body type in to consideration when judging. I am also wondering if the experts on here could tell me if it is even worth entering. Pic is in my profile. Thanks
  6. My rule of thumb- better to use no ointment/lotion than too much. I have done the dry healing and used the ointment. Seems dry healing takes longer for me to heal. But I once had someone put ointment on my back so think it made it burn.I guess because it wasn't able to breathe? Only advice I give is to keep it clean and for God's sake don't pick at it when it starts peeling.
  7. Finished. I've decided to do a full sleeve. So blowouts are not the end of the world after all. I think it turned out ok.
  8. I love that! I have never seen it before. I was born in the year of the dragon.
  9. Personally, I would never go to an artist that told me they did not like to do whatever image I was getting. I would research an artist that is Christian and liking whatever imagery I was getting on myself. Or else I would feel it was bad mojo.
  10. In my opinion, finger tattoos are risky. My friends recently got matching tattoos. The were beautiful, but faded quickly. I suggest you take your ideas to your artist. I would also do some googling to see what is out there are far as ring tattoos go. You will find they are very simplistic.
  11. I am putting together ideas for my Japanese sleeve. I have a Tennyo or Tennin that goes from my shoulder to elbow.I have added some Japanese clouds. I want to extend this to a full sleeve at some point. What are some more feminine Japanese elements. The story of the Tennyo involves a Fisherman, but do I break the "rules" an d have water above my wrists? I also love the Shi Shi. Can you put a Shi Shi on the same arm as a Tennyo? I know it is ultimately up to me and my choices though I am looking for the feminine elements in Japanese tattoos. I know some of you have studied Japanese tattooing. I am looking forward to hearing ideas.
  12. My mom found out when I spilled a bottle of Indian ink on her bedroom floor and tried cleaning it up only making a bigger mess. Ahh, the good 'ol days of ink needle and thread. Don't remember what she did, but my arm swelled up pretty big.
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