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  1. Hey is anyone going to the Pagoda tattoo festival? It's in Reading,PA .. Many great artists are going to be there,if your on the east coast its def one to check out.the dates are August 7,8th & 9th
  2. Who's going? Thinking about making a trip to Mass from Pennsylvania for it.. August 31st-September 3rd 2012 Boston Tattoo Convention
  3. I'm visiting the London convention for the first time this year. Who else is going? Tattooers: Do you have available appointments still? If yes; how do you arrange your booking?
  4. So this is a new convention (sort of - they had one in '99 and 2000) and there are some pretty badass artists on the lineup. Valerie Vargas, Chad Koeplinger, Jondix, Filip Leu, Henk Schiffmacher, Bill Canales, Tim Lehi, Claudia De Sabe, Marcus Kuhn, Paul Booth, Scott Sylvia, and more. Mondial du Tatouage | 22, 23 et 24 Mars 2013 I'm excited. I just wish I had more money. hahaha.
  5. I figured since it's the new year now it would be a good time to make a thread for this. Who's going? My girlfriend and I will be there hanging out and I'd definitely like to meet some new people! February 8-10 2013 15th Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention
  6. Trufant Bros - West Texas Tattoo Convention put on by the trufant brothers, great list of artists I am going to try to road trip it anyone else going to be there?
  7. Anyone gonna be here? It's jan 18-20. I'm thinking of just going by myself and would be cool to get together with fellow LST members January 18-20 2013 Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival
  8. Maybe I missed it tried searching here and on the Internet with nothing. What are the dates of this convention I would guess it would be in October maybe 19-21 2012? I just realized I am slated for vacation at this time so I am very interested in knowing.
  9. Is anyone else planning on heading to the 2012 Art Tattoo Show Montreal from Friday, September 7th - Sunday, September 9th? It's going to be my first convention ever and I'm super excited for it because I just confirmed an appointment with Mike Rubendall and I'll also hopefully be getting tattooed by Chad Koeplinger as well (as per his policy, I sent him a PayPal deposit and answered all of his questions listed in his auto-reply so I'm just waiting to hear back from him a week or so before the convention to confirm it all 100%). Do any of you guys have any appointments lined up?
  10. 's comping up soon... anyone planning to check it out? Seattle Tattoo Expo 2012 - Seattle, WA
  11. Anyone plan on attending this either getting tattooed or tattooing at? If you are getting tattooed who do you hope to get tattooed by and what tattoo ideas? If you are tattooing how would be best for people to make an appointment? Montreal Tattoo Convention Website NOTE: The website is in both french and english so just scroll around to find which you prefer.
  12. Didn't see a thread about it.. July 13th-15th in Cleveland, Ohio.. Anybody going?
  13. This looks EPIC. And its only the start of the year!! Not only is the artist line up already looking like a collectors (or tattoers' alike!) wet dream, the location for the festival looks like paradise. Disclaimer - I have in no way, shape or form been paid for this lol. (Look at the photos and you'll completely understand what I mean and why I pointed it out ;) )... (in saying that if they want to pay me I would let them) From the website NZ Tattoo & Art Festival "Welcome to the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival website. November 2012, New Plymouth will again play host to the New Zealand Tattoo & Art Festival, which has proven to be the biggest and boldest of its kind in New Zealand. The New Zealand Tattoo & Art Festival, promoted by Oni Events will showcase some of the top international and local tattoo artists and expose the public to the history, art and culture of tattooing. Along with tattooing, the festival will feature live music, burlesque, art exhibitions, tattoo competitions, graffiti art displays and more." *ARTISTS* (some of, so far) Nikko Hurtado (USA) Dan Smith (USA) Nikole Lowe (UK) @chad koeplinger (USA) Steve Byrne (USA) Sabado (JPN) Chicago Tattoo Co. (USA) @mario desa @Nick Colella Eric Gillespie Horimasa (JPN) Black Throne Tattoo (AUS) - Rachi Brains - Clint Steele - Alison Manners Horishin (JPN) Horiken (JPN) David Cavalcante (USA) Chopstick Tattoo (JPN) - Hori Benny - Wataru Sacred Tattoo (NZ) - Dean Sacred - Dan Andersen - Hamish McLauchlan - Capilli Tupou - Mark Tumaru Green Lotus Tattoo (AUS) Korpus Tattoo (AUS) Simon Erl (UK) Third Eye Tattoo (AUS) Chapel Tattoo (AUS) 5 Star tattoo (AUS) Westside Tattoo (AUS) Dynamic Tattoo (AUS) True Love Tattoo (AUS) [MENTION=2486]lukemuller[/MENTION] And a whooooooooooooooole lot of others. With more to be added I can pretty much guarantee. I'll update when more information goes up but for now here is the important info: What: The NZ Tattoo & Arts Festival Where: New Plymouth, New Zealand When: 24th & 25th of November 2012 Artists: A shit load! NZ Tattoo & Art Festival Cost: I have no idea. Will update when it goes live.
  14. Friday, June 8th - Sunday June 10th. 2012 Ink N Iron Tattoo Convention in Long Beach, Ca Is anyone else going, getting tattooed or tattooing this year?
  15. Rites of Passage 2012 | Tattoo Convention & Arts Festival From the site: "Rites of Passage 2012 has a great line up for all of you tattoo fans, just to give you a taste of what’s to come we are giving you a sneak preview and announcement that both the infamous Shige (Japan) and Victor Portugal (Poland) will be attending and coming to Australia for the 1st time. Returning to the annual Rites of Passage Festival is Jeff Gogue and Nick Baxter (US). Hang out with the worlds best tattoo artists over three days of entertainment from across the globe, if you thought this years show couldn’t get any better then join us 27th, 28th & 29th April 2012 for an even cooler show. For all of you early birds, special tickets prices of $20 a day will be available online closer to the event and then $25 on the door. This is a show for the artists and a show for the people. The new Rites of Passage team would like to thank you all as it wouldn’t be happening without you." Full line up of artists will be up soon but the big one (for me at least) is SHIGE! :cool: (I'll update later) Important Info: When: Friday 27th April : 1pm - 10pm Saturday 28th April : 12pm - 10pm Sunday 29th April : 12pm - 7pm Where: Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens 9 Nicholson Street Carlton VIC 3053, Australia Cost: children under ten years - Free *minors under the age of fifteen years must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult prior, during and after this event.. $66.00………………adult three day pass $49.50………………concession three day pass *three day passes will only be made available for online pre-sale purchase. *pass outs during the event will only be available to three day pass holders.. *concession card holders must be able to provide proof at the ticketing desk.. *gst is inclusive in all ticket prices above $27.50………………adult one day ticket $22.00………………concession one day ticket *one day tickets will be made available for online pre-sale purchase and on the door during the event. *there will be no pass outs available to one day ticket holders. *concession card holders must be able to provide proof upon purchse at the ticketing desk.. *gst is inclusive in all ticket prices above
  16. I am writing because the Baltimore Convention is this weekend and I am really not excited about it in the least! I will probably go tomorrow night for about 2 hours just to say hi to people only because it is my hometown convention and I want to see if there is any decent art I can pick up but like I said....not excited about the convention....only about seeing a few people I don't see too often! Now...Troy runs some really good shows so that's not it....and I was stoked about Philly because there were a few people there I wanted to get tattooed by.....BUT I used to want to go see my friends at shows....say hi.....buy some flash or art....and then hang out even if I didn't get tattooed! Now it seems....for me at least....the vibe is different and I am not as stoked about going! I find myself more interested in wanting to travel to people's shops to be tattooed anymore....that just seems to have a cooler vibe for me! I was just wondering what is everyone's thought on this was? (artist or enthusiast)
  17. Welcome - Tattoo Expo From The Website: "Welcome The 4th Sydney Tattoo Expo promises to be an amzing event. Where visitors can get tattooed or pierced at the Expo, whether it is their first or one of many! We have a the best line up of local and international tattoo artists in what is now the most hugely attended tattoo expo in Australia. There is clothing, merchandise and lifestyle vendors, Artist Skate Deck Auction, Tattoo Contests and loads of free entertainment. With no affiliations to any association, motorcycle club, magazine or tattoo studio, this independent Expo is being organized by a professional event company, Conference and Exhibition Organisers (CEO), who have 30 years of experience planning successful shows throughout Australia. In keeping with the relaxed, fun, family atmosphere all are welcome to visit the Expo but there is a strict No club colours or patches entry rule. Ric Sedin" Artists Attending (*Some of): Chad Koeplinger (USA) Chang Howming (Taiwan) Cheng Xinlong (China) Dong Dong (China) (A large Japanese Contingent) Akatsuki Etsuo Horihige Horiken Horikomo Horishen Horitaka Horitsugaru Khan Kin Kohki Sato Masa-Shi Mayuko Ouka Sabado Tom (Oh and some Aussies) Stevie Edge Tam Suzi Q Rory Pickersgill Matt Deverson Kat Abdy And a whooooole lot of others ;) (got tired of typing) go check out the website to see the rest. Important Info: When: Friday 9th March 12pm-10pm Saturday 10th March 12pm-10pm Sunday 11th March 11am-7pm Where: Halls 3 & 4 Sydney Showground Corner Australia Ave & Riverina Ave Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127 Cost: Online .. Door Single Day ... $25 ..... $35 Two Day Pass ... $40 ..... $50 Three Day Pass ... $50 ..... $60 Child 12 to 16 ... $10 ..... $10 Child 12 and under ... FREE
  18. couple years ago i had a horrible situation regarding this subject. short story was. going to england to work in friends shop. got detained and questioned. when questioned i told ol boy i was visiting friends and was going to tattoo them. guy questioning me told me since tattooing is my profession that if i have any equipment that goes along with said profession in their eyes i was trying to live and work in england and so i was denied entry. then went back the next year but had a friend and native of england carry my equipment through and everything was fine. does everyone actually go as far as getting work visas or am i just going about this the wrong way. any advice would be welcomed. thanks in advance.
  19. Reno nevada march 16th-18th Lady Luck Tattoo Expo 2012 Artist/Vendor List just stumbled on this thought worth mentioning
  20. The 2012 West Texas Tattoo Convention put on by the Trufant Rothers ( @Alex trufant & @AubreyTrufant ) is February 24-26. Nice guys and from what I've been told a good show. Who's been and who's going?
  21. The dates have been announced for State of Grace's tattoo convention for October 21-23, 2011 at the SFO Hyatt Regency. As more info is released please post. Also if you're tattooing there please let us know and how you prefer people to make appointments to get tattooed by you. Here's the LST Link and discussion for the 2010 tattoo convention Horitaka's Link to Tattoo Convention Info
  22. I noticed the new poster was up- Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival Any info on artists/people planning on being there? I know it's early and all = )
  23. Hey didnt see it listed so figured I would share, January 13th thru the 15th @ the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Minneapolis. Always a good time.
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