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    23 year old rad tech, embarking on more travels and collecting tattoos along the way
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    Xbox, collecting some nice tattoos, skateboarding
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  1. I'm not a fan of aquaphor, on large tattoos its annoying. I just dry heal with some lotion after a week of healing. No problems no worries
  2. As of late I've been on a real kick checking out handcrafted stuff. I've been digging men's jewelry a lot lately and been interested in purchasing some quality rings. Ive emailed bailey Robinson already and a real fan of his work, but he only makes em as he goes and no custom orders. I just found a site called finelighttrading.com (also on Instagram) and will possibly buy from then soon. Do you guys have any recommendations for nice handcrafted things like money clips, wallets, rings etc? Or even other various handcrafted items like deerjerk on instagram does
  3. Yeesh. Stopping tattooing is the best after care advice. You'd have a better chance asking an actual tattooer whos tattooing you this question. And technically, it is a technical question because the lack of technique probably caused the blowout, technically speaking of course
  4. Yea you're probably right. I figure its gonna be a one time day of swimming and then ill go back to lettin it heal properly.
  5. Because its a group event, and that's the activity she chose to do. My timing is always impeccable
  6. I'm into this, I can't be inconvenienced with the urge to poop while on a boat
  7. Yea if its scabbing I won't, I'm gonna baby the shit out of it til then
  8. I think ill have to cause it'll be the last chance to see her before she leaves
  9. Ill agree with this. It hurt worse than my entire chest did. Did not expect that
  10. I'm aware of the risks of swimming before your new tattoo is healed, but how bad really is the ocean for a tattoo that's a little over a week old? Just got it Friday, but my friends moving to Hawaii next Tuesday so they want to do a boat trip on Sunday. Normally I'd sit it out, but she's leaving for good and can't just sit at home. It's on the back of my thigh so the sun won't be an issue, but ill definitely be swimming. Will it really be that terrible if its during the Peeling stage and covered?
  11. Jason Kelly at Live Free in Atlanta, GA. Nicest dudes. My girl got a sweet hour glass from Miguel O. Back of thigh is by far the worst tattoo pain I've felt. Goes right on to my ass cheek with the tongue, but Jason drew it straight on and was super fast and a true dude to the tradition of tattooing. Walked away with a cool tattoo, some prints from Miguel and a cool ass experience from all of them. Oh yea my appt got delayed because Myke chambers was getting tattooed by Jason. NBD Also, a drunk chick asked to watch me get tattooed so I said yes. She then proceeds to massage me and tries to cop a feel under my shorts all while getting tattooed. Thankfully Jason kicked her out. Fuxking weird
  12. In Atlanta GA. And got tattooed by Jason Kelly. Had to wait behind myke chambers to get finished first (no big deal). But I got a snake/skull combo on the back of my thigh and it fucking sucked. The tongue goes right onto my ass. I now see (a glimpse) into the pain of an ass tattoo. The guys at Live Free are stand up guys and was quite possibly the best experience at a tattoo shop I've had. Ill post a pic at the end of my vacation with more details. I do think ill be taking a tattoo hiatus after this considering I've gotten tattooed almost every month this year. And rents due so that's kinda important I guess.
  13. Thanks! It was his first dagger through the neck. Oddly enough he's never gotten that request.
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