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  1. So nice!! Love everything he does
  2. Sounds like you have a great mindset already,eat a good meal prior to getting tattooed and try to get a good nights rest as well the night before,this will help a lot.Ive never meditated during but the breathing exercises will help you through it,just breathe and wait for the endorphins and you'll be fine ✌️
  3. Welcome! You have some impressive artists in your collection ✌️ - - - Updated - - - Those girls from Valerie are incredible!! Great choice
  4. Upndown


    Looks awesome! I have work from Garver also, he's the best
  5. Yeah I live in Westchester,NY ... Been going to Adam for a long time now
  6. Scott is in the lineup this year , I went last year and it was awesome
  7. Hey is anyone going to the Pagoda tattoo festival? It's in Reading,PA .. Many great artists are going to be there,if your on the east coast its def one to check out.the dates are August 7,8th & 9th
  8. Upndown

    Tiger heads

    Tim Hendricks
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