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    I LOVE my job - how many people can say that? I am incredibly lucky to be in a profession that brings me such joy! I've lived all over the US, currently my "tax home" is in Oklahoma but work takes me away for all but a few weeks at a time.
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    wherever the contracts take me
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    Speech therapist

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  1. I've had *2* beautiful tattoos from Levi Hatch, he did both my raven-girl and my anchor. I believe he's left Oklahoma though, last I heard he was in Michigan. I've been following his work and it's just so good! I'd love to have another from him. Think Ink tattoo in Norman is probably the only place I'd go in Oklahoma (besides Richard Stell ;)) David Bruehl came out of there too.
  2. Dude... That sucks. My sister has a whole bunch of the cafe au lait spots and we've always wondered if that's what she has. So far so good for her though. I have my own incurable thing... I've posted about it some, and it's actually what led me here in the first place. The way I look at it is this - there are no guarantees at all. I could step off the curb and get hit by a bus tomorrow. "now" is all you can count on. I try my best to fully inhabit "now". The future is fuck scary. The past, it's gone. I want every moment I have to be as happy and good as possible, so I focus on the good, attend to the things that make me happy, and try to let all the rest of it go.
  3. else

    Hellos & Such

    Welcome :) This place does the same thing to me. It makes me want more, and bigger, and now!! ;)
  4. Oh lord, no... The knees are rough. I didn't want to walk *anywhere* not even from the couch to the kitchen for a couple days after mine.
  5. I LOVE scrubs on new leg tattoos. In fact, I wear them to bed on fresh tattoos. They're great because they're light and easy to wash. When things are still sticking I wear them right into the shower.
  6. Oh! @Colored Guy I've been away for a long time and just catching up around here... I'm so sorry to hear this. Love and comfort to you and your wife. I've worked with hospice and I have the utmost respect for what they do.
  7. Thanks @Pugilist !! Jennifer is getting her Master's in horticulture and, I thought, did an excellent job of melding "botanically accurate" with American Traditional. Up close they're really amazing, all the details of a botanical illustration are there. My uncle lives in Fayetteville and I was visiting him for a few days last summer and took my opportunity while I was there ;)
  8. I'm good :) I'm back in Portland for right now, indefinitely at this point :) The peonies were done by Jennifer Billig formerly of Atlas tattoo in Portland but most recently in Fayetteville, AR. Super nice!!
  9. Hey guys!! Long time no see, eh? ;) I was just thinking about y'all, about how much I missed LST. I've slowed way down the past few months but I'm still hard at work on the squidpants project. It is *super* hard to get good pictures of one's own legs... the best I can do at this moment is link back to a picture I posted in the fall. You can't see all of them in it, and there are 2? (maybe 3?) more since then. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/4394-your-overall-look-tattooed-person-page19.html#post81060
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