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  1. Hi all: I probably would have asked you this offline so I may as well ask here instead... For the FB connect feature - does this mean that my personal information (full name, fb default photo, etc) will be available for other users to view or is FB connect simply an easier way to join the community w/o going through the full registration process?
  2. In Sacramento in the early 80s there was a shop ran by an old timey sailor type in an alley off of Broadway. When I was growing up this was the only shop in the midtown area that I can remember. Anyone remember the name or the old crusty guy that ran it? If memory serves it was there since the 60s or 70s.
  3. Was gnarly. Was the tiniest little tattoo and she blew her stack. Told me tattoos were for trash. Ouch.
  4. I am always, always happy to hear when animals fight back. I just think it restores some tiny drop of balance to things. When I worked at the big cat sanctuary we had a Tiger named Cesar who led a Tiger revolt and killed the owner of the circus he was in. Owner's kid didn't put him down because he knew his dad was a dick and beat the cats. I always slipped Cesar extra food. He was always looking for ways to attack all us keepers. I say keep fighting the good fight, Cesar. Keep fighting brother cat.
  5. So my soon to be husband has a tattoo appointment on Dec 29 but our honeymoon starts January 18th. He's only getting line work this first sit. Is that too soon to be swimming? He'll wear sunscreen and all that- we're not really sun bathers. But salty, wet, humid... is this bad? What's the risk? Infection, ruined work, or both?
  6. Yeah, i know who you're talking about. I remember thinking "ooh that was a bad call". I remember that whole brown thing too.. Yeah kids are easy.
  7. Shit, my list is painfully short, but pretty fucking awesome. I have just about 6 bigger tattoos and a couple small ones, and didn't deviate much/at all when I got my first started. -Jef Whitehead -Tim Lehi -Scott Sylvia There was some dude in Newport Beach in the 90's too who tattood some crap on me Whitehead later covered. No idea who they were. The early 90's is kind fuzzy for me.
  8. Anyone get a wedding tattoo they like or regret? Wondering if I should. Sometimes I think things like that are bad luck. You got any sage advice, people?
  9. Same person- major funny. And kinda sad.
  10. I heard from a friend about a girl who wore some nasty ass granny panties with stains to her tattoo appt where she had to be pants-less. had stains. hilarious story but dude what a bummer for the tattooer. Lemme tell you when I got my butt done (yeah so what it was a decade ago, leave me alone) I didn't eat anything with fiber for days. Respect.
  11. Ok I'll play, Loch. First- It was some random dude, 20 years ago, a chinese character for Strength on my hip. A year later I put some lame tribal looking sun around it. It was '91 so don't judge. Luckily I had the good sense to have Jef Whitehead cover it with a lovely peony 10 or so years ago. MUUUCH better. Last- Tim Lehi, 3 or 4 years ago, Tigers on my calves. They rule. People still think they are brand spanking new because Tim is pretty much amazing. My man's been obsessed with Black Metal so I would guess the last thing I heard was some song by Burzum.
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