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  1. Awesome fights, the main event was crazy. No one expected it to be this exciting. The fight was very even and technical. There were also a lot of upsets.
  2. Luke has some sweet oomaplatas, i remember that fight against galvao. So explosive, and his sweeps are amazing. BS decision in my opinion.
  3. Hey loch, thanks for the link! I forgot all about it, i agree! The lady heads in the thread are amazing to say the least. Thanks for sharing, will definitely use some of those as reference.
  4. So i just had my appointment with my tattoo artist last night, handed over some of my references. I Will be starting my sleeve January 14th 2011. The theme of the sleeve is going to be life and death. The style of it is going to be a traditional style with an extremely modern twist. So far we have in mind is a two lady heads, one living, the other dead, with a script saying "death comes quick, seek your fortune." And also a skull turning into a heart. I've already sent him tons of references, but if you guys have any cool pictures of skulls (Nick Chaboya, Bob Tyrrell kinda stuff) lady heads, d
  5. Hey steve, what is your friends name? That wasn't the only fight that was exciting. Correct me if I'm wrong 7 out of 10 fights for this card never made it past the end round. This is including the prelims. Sick ass card, wec went out with a bang can't wait to watch Pettis vs Maynard or Edgar. I hope pettis is working on his takedown defense.
  6. lil wayne looks like a midget in that picture, I don't think we should be calling lil wayne a rapper as well! Dude doesn't write his own shit! nor can he actually rap...
  7. I'm not sure if we have any MMA fans here, but the recent WEC 53 had me screaming at the top of my lungs and waking everyone up. The ninja kick heard around the world. Before any of you have any doubts, the gif is not from a movie. lol.
  8. Lauren Lauren sounds incredibly stupid in my opinion. So I would keep Bush, not like that's something to be proud of though
  9. Yes traditional Chinese weddings are usually like that. The wedding party will go around to all the tables starting from the relatives than to friends. They will give a toast to each and every table. While doing that everyone at the table will scream "yum seng" as loud as they can. The food served at Chinese weddings are really tasty as well. Dishes such as sharks fin and chili crab. If any of you visit Singapore the first thing you want to get a taste of is the food.
  10. Thanks for welcoming me with open arms. Barbie, I'm not a very big fan of Singapore myself however from a tourist point of view. Singapore is a great place to visit especially when you visit during festive occasions such as Chinese new year. The food here is to die for as well. You get to experience many different cultures as well as we have a multiple ethnic society.
  11. Hi, name's Dominic and i'm from Singapore. Been lurking on this site for awhile now. I lurk on other tattoo forums as well, this one seems to be my favorite though. I have two tattoos currently in b/w. The word family across my chest and a day of the dead girl on sternum down to my diaphragm. Unfortunately, the words across my chest was not done as well as it should've however i've learned my mistake and i've been going to a different artist. I will be starting my sleeve end of this month, will hopefully post up pictures along the way and share my experience, though most of you are already hea
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