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    Started collecting tattoos a little over a year ago. Better late than never!
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  1. Welcome to the forum. Your avatar is confusing...
  2. Anyone know of any good ones for a fun walkin souvenir. I don't have a ton of time but I wear traditional and japanese and am open to either. I would do the research on my own but decided last minute that I wanted a tattoo and am already in transit. I'm currently in Fiji where wifi has been dodgy. Thanks for any advice guys!
  3. @teddibease try Paul Nycz Classic Cool Tattoos By Paul Nycz Civ is going to be there too. Andy Perez, Dustin Golden, Murray Sell...just a couple of good ones off the top of my head. Not sure about availability though.
  4. ChrisM


    Mines is basement_graveyard I post nothing but douchie, shirtless, duck-faced selfies ;-p
  5. Ahahaha. Which gym is that? 12th street? I go to City Fitness on South. They play top forty nonsense. Headphones are a must.
  6. Wow! Great tattoos! Welcome to the forum. Your back piece is going to be beautiful.
  7. Been getting all the updateds on IG and getting more and more excited for this. Based on all the teasers I've been seeing, this book is going to give me brain damage. Keep up the good work @sboyer
  8. Great idea and sounds like a great event. Looks like it was pretty successful to me too. Anything that brings together a bunch of people for a good cause is a success in my book. Its events like that make me jealous of the tattoo community. Such a good strong bond between everyone. I'm a graphic designer, you don't see us coming together to benefit one another's families in need. But in the end, I'm just glad people like this exist.
  9. Jesus christ. I don't sign in for a few days and this thread goes nuts. I'm getting the itch from all this good shit.
  10. @Wilhell that is going to turn out great! Good luck with it. We are working on the story of Shutendoji. One of the wackier Japanese stories out there (and that is saying something). There are a couple of reference photos below.
  11. Nice @Wilhell what are you getting from Timothy? I'm going in early January to continue working on my side panel with him.
  12. @CultExciter I'd be up for grabbing a beer. I can't remember if the venue is connected to a bar or anywhere like that though.
  13. Week nights are never good for me. But I'll be at the Richmond convention the previous saturday if anyone is going this year.
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