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    Punk rocker, metalhead, guitar shredder, and cardiac nurse.
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    Milwaukee, WI
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    guitar, scotch, beer, movies, music of all kinds except country, cycling lover, and rock climber
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    Cardiac nurse

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  1. Aus Rotten will always be one of my favorites. So are these guys. Here's a favorite from Aus Rotten And another Texas band, Damage Case
  2. One of my favorites from Sweden. Had the privilege of seeing them in Madison on tour with Dropdead. There was no stage so people kept getting thrown into the band and the vocalist was getting pretty pissed.
  3. I'll start with some of the d-beat greats - - - Updated - - - No pretty much whatever is punk @beez. I'm always looking to hear bands I've never heard before.
  4. I searched around and found no threads about punk music. Well here it is, all things punk rock. Post some new bands on the scene, or some classics. Also any punk tattoos, jackets, vests, mohawks, or anything else related. Sorry in advance if there's another thread like this.
  5. Dbeatdano


    I love cycling. Although the weather in Milwaukee has been so cold and windy for it.
  6. Hmmm...you know what this thread needs. More thrash.
  7. My wife to be isn't tattooed at all. I was barely tattooed when we met and now that I've taken such an interest in studying tattoos and getting tattoos, I still don't mind that she doesn't have tattoos or has no interest in tattoos. That's fine with me. She has many other redeeming qualities about her. It kind of makes tattooing even more personal for me. I have posted on another thread that I don't really find tattooed women more or less attractive than women who aren't tattooed.
  8. I actually thought Rob Zombie had some pretty valid things to contribute. It seemed to me like he maybe is a big art enthusiast. CC Sabathia and Hugh Jackman were a waste of a guest judge spot. Hugh Jackman looked like he had been asking his agent 10 minutes before getting there "what is this now? A tattoo competition? What the hell do I know about tattoos? Ok well let's make this quick."
  9. I'm only human, so of course I judge people's bad tattoos. Not the person, but the tattoo. If I see a poorly done tattoo, I assume it was done by their friend or a scratcher. With all the great tattoo artists in the midwest, not even including the rest of the country, there is no reason to get a poorly done tattoo. Ever.
  10. My grim reaper done by Dusty Neal at Black Anvil Tattoo in Fort Wayne, IN
  11. Fellow nurse here. I usually go by feel. There are certain landmarks such as the wrist or antecubital that I always go to with. If that doesn't work, I learned how to place IVs by ultrasound, which helps immensely. I haven't encountered many patients who haven't qualified for procedures or surgeries d/t tattoos, but I'm sure there could be transplant lists that may deny people who are tattooed before a certain year.
  12. Damn that tattoo is just so good! Congrats @Eilin
  13. He means "tattoo gun" aka tattoo machine. I come to this forum because I still have a minimal amount of knowledge on the tattooing process from the artists perspective. It's awesome to have that advice and information available on here. That is what makes this forum great in my opinion. So "police" away!
  14. How could someone not like Black Flag?
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