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  1. Just got the insides of my pinkies done this past Friday.. One with a heart and the other "xo". I'm in love with them, and the heart is healing great.. The xo is starting to worry me though. You can see the crisp lines which look perfect, but around the letters it looks grey and cloudy and almost as if it's blown out.. I read somewhere that someone had the same thing on their healing palm and that it just went away. Should I be worried?
  2. My boss is 27, married with two kids, owns an online marketing company. Entire back and a sleeve and a half done. I'm currently the manager of his customer service call center. I have no visible tattoos that I show during work, although it's a very laid back environment with no dress code. Nothing is visible with the exception of the heart and "xo" I just got done on the insides of my pinkies. Thankful to work in an environment like this!
  3. I've kind of been wondering the same thing.. I just got the insides of my pinkies done this past Friday. The other pinky has a heart and this one says "xo". I'm worried that it looks like it's blown out. You can see the sharp lines which look great but it's grey and cloudy along the outside of it.. but only on this finger and now the other. I've read a few other things that said this happened to people on their palms but that it just went away? It's got me a little worried.
  4. I just got the insides of my pinkies tattooed which surprisingly didn't bother me at all.. Especially when I was hearing "you're about to hate me, I have to make sure it's deep". I have my foot and ribs which are supposedly two of the most painful.. I am planning on getting my other foot done! As for ribs.. The lower it went the more painful it was for me. I guess it lived up to its painful reputation. I'm actually a little surprised to see people say their back was painful. My biggest piece is on my back and it was a piece of cake. It bled a lot for some reason but didn't hurt me at all and
  5. I had my lobes pierced when I was younger like most other girls, two in each ear. But when I was 17 I got my first tattoo instead of a piercing. Didn't get my belly pierced til I was 18. In total I have 8 tats and 6 piercings and I prefer being tattooed ALL DAY. I just have such a bad time with piercings for some reason. The pain is a lot different, my piercer basically called me a baby while I was having my triple forward helix done (would rather sit for a 6 hour tattoo session than get that re pierced).. Also have a dermal anchor on my lower navel, which sucked but it looks great. Definite
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