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  1. I'm 1 pound away from losing enough weight to justify getting another tattoo, so I don't need to make any resolutions.
  2. My newest post, here, is not appearing on the new posts page. When I search my latest posts it also does not appear. Edit: it does appear in the activity stream.
  3. Reviving this thread to talk about my recent piercing experience and ask for advice. I took out my industrial and left it out for about a week. It's the first time I have ever done that since I got it 5 years ago, it by the time I tried to put the jewelry back in I couldn't. I was afraid it had closed, so I emailed the tattoo/piercing place where I originally got it done asking what my options are for fixing this. I got no response so I called the next day. When I called they said "oh yeah, you're the one who sent us an email" (but they never responded), and told me to come in so they can look at it. The piercer the shop has now is different, and he seems a lot colder than the piercer who originally did my industrial. I took the jewelry out of my bag and placed it on the counter, since it's a small place and we were standing at the front counter at the time, and he snapped "don't do that." I asked "don't do what?" and he said I shouldn't put it on the counter because "it's been inside my body." He said "that's why I'm wearing gloves." Neither he nor anybody else made any attempt to clean the counter, which is what they would have done if my industrial bar was ACTUALLY a biohazard. Fortunately my piercing was not closed, it just needed to be widened. He widened it for $5 (although I had to ask, nobody offered me the price). Then I asked if he could look at my ear lobes to see if those have closed, since I was already there. He said he would do it if I bought earrings. I asked how much those cost, and he said $70. That doesn't sound right because my industrial originally cost $70, including the bar. I looked on the website, and it says a lobe piercing is $45. So, for a while I've been thinking of getting another industrial or maybe other ear piercings, but I feel like I can't trust this guy. My questions are: 1) Is this normal? Or was he being weird? 2) Can anyone recommend good piercers in the Boston area? Oh man. I just Googled the guy who originally pierced me, turns out he's dead. Sad. - - - Updated - - - For some reason this isn't showing up on the "new posts" page.
  4. Thanks! I did a Facebook search and found this place is doing them, so I would probably go there. https://www.facebook.com/BostonBarberCo/photos/a.199617026731949.59896.191585510868434/1199313220095653/?type=3
  5. I MIGHT be getting one of these tomorrow. Probably just the number 13 or roman numerals. My question is: WHERE should I get it? I have pretty much my entire body available except a couple of spots on my legs. my tattoos - Imgur
  6. If there's any good thing about that stupid article it made me come back to this website to see if anyone was talking about it. The thing I dislike most about the article is her argument that it's her body and she can do whatever she wants to it. That's not how bodily autonomy works, the right to do anything to your body does not mean she has the right to tell OTHER PEOPLE what to do to her body. By not respecting the artist's right to refuse work, she's dehumanizing him. It's sad we live in a world where a feminist website will publish an article by somebody who doesn't even understand agency.
  7. I don't think pain is a big deal. It's not going to bring me enlightenment any time soon, but even though I dislike pain I can deal with it. It's not that I'm less sensitive to pain, it's that I have the mental ability to put up with it. I don't want to be self congratulatory but that's the only way I can explain it. Pain is temporary. It's no different than a sport, or any other activity which is uncomfortable in the short term but good in the long term. Which, actually, is basically anything. If you want to accomplish anything you need to deal with struggle.
  8. I think this is an insecurity thing. Some people think anyone with a tattoo is automatically braver or something, so they feel the need to justify why they don't have one.
  9. He does really nice birds. I want one. Your body is a canvas Also, this landscape thing is cool.
  10. I like to use Yelp for regular businesses like restaurants and stores. For tattoo shops it's not useful, because people who complain never give specifics and their problems usually sound small. They always say something like "tattoos are good but the vibe is snobby" or "very bad service, they refused to tattoo the idea I had, which was a great idea but of course I'm not going to tell you what it is in this review." They don't seem to respect the tattooer's right to not take on work that doesn't interest them/would look terrible. Honestly, I like the fact that Yelp exists so I can get back at people who screw me over. For example this dog boarding place recently failed to take care of my dog by walking her outside of the enclosure, something they assured me they wouldn't do. She escaped and ran across a highway. They also did many other things wrong but I won't get into it. I didn't actually write a bad review on Yelp for this (yet...) but knowing I have the ability to makes me feel a bit less like a worthless pawn in the system.
  11. I wonder what it would be like if someone got an entire chrome bodysuit. Like this but on actual skin. http://hqwide.com/wallpapers/l/1440x900/69/science_fiction_artwork_boris_vallejo_1440x900_68300.jpg
  12. These are really nice figures and everything, but I don't understand why artists have to talk like this. ???????????????Anyway... this reminds me of a Barbie that actually has really cool tattoos. Oh, no! Barbie has a life! - Alysha
  13. I had a weird dream last night and don't know what thread to post it in, so here it goes. I scheduled an appointment with Valerie Vargas (IRL I've never met her, currently have no plans to get a tattoo from her, she doesn't work on my continent, and I don't think she has ever done the style or kind of tattoo I wanted in my dream) to get a tattoo of a pink flower. She was really late so another woman with impossibly tiny hands offered to do it instead. I agreed to it but she started painting on me with body paint. I told her I wanted a tattoo and she left. 1 out of 5 stars.
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