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  1. Billy Hill @IamBillyHill https://envyskingallery.com Colored in the dragon. After my wallet heals, he'll start blending in the background.
  2. Check out Chris Dingwall in Portland, ME. I was tattooed by him when he was working at 8 Ball in Columbus. Tremendous artist. http://www.chrisdingwelltattoo.com/tattoos
  3. It started with an old piece of Huck Spaulding flash from the 70's. Where it ends up is yet to be determined.
  4. Techno-tard question here... Is there an app available to allow me to log in via an LST icon on my iPhone? Thanks.
  5. blujax01

    Winged Tiger 2

    Billy Hill IamBillyHill.com Second Session
  6. blujax01

    Winged Tiger 1

    Billy Hill IamBillyHill.com First Session
  7. Winged Tiger back piece Second session complete. I didn't move for 3 hours but I have to say that I wanted to run away. A lot.
  8. Chris Dingwall did an award winning dragon on my leg at a show in the 90's with the intent of coloring it when the outline healed. Long story short, this never happened. 20 years later I decide to get it colored and found Chris was working in New England so I email him and got the okay to have someone else finish the job. With a clear conscience and good mojo, I sought out a local artist who was stoked to be working on a Dingwall piece and happily finished the job.
  9. I'm finally taking the plunge, giving in to the art and getting my back piece. Face it, I will never see this art. I will see reflections, photos and glimpses over my shoulder, but I will never see the whole piece as it was intended to be viewed. Ever. Based on some old Huck Spaulding flash, I need this winged tiger. I have given my artist (Iambillyhill.com) free reign to do as he wishes. "Alan, we'll use this as a starting point and then I'm going to Billy Hill the fuck out of it!" We do the outline today. T minus two hours and counting.
  10. As a 60 year old male, I can tell you that some of mine heal slower, especially in the bendy areas. Is the pain worse than it used to be? Probably, but I can put up with it better. I can say that I am a slave t the lotion because I am prone to dry skin and nothing looks worse than a scaly tattoo. And since everything I own is paid off, I am accelerating the program. They say that you can't take it with you, but I damn sure am going out very decorated! :cool:
  11. Location, location, location. Here in Ohio, a reputable artist with a great portfolio will charge $125-$150 per hour. Figure to add in a 15% - 20% tip. How long it takes depends on so many things, like body placement, complexity of work, And your ability To sit the fuck still.
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