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  1. blujax01

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Billy Hill @IamBillyHill Colored in the dragon. After my wallet heals, he'll start blending in the background.
  2. blujax01

    Looking for Neo-Traditional in New England

    Check out Chris Dingwall in Portland, ME. I was tattooed by him when he was working at 8 Ball in Columbus. Tremendous artist.
  3. blujax01

    Trendy or against trends?

    Hey now! LOL
  4. blujax01

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    It started with an old piece of Huck Spaulding flash from the 70's. Where it ends up is yet to be determined.
  5. blujax01

    Mother/Mum/Mom Tattoos

    No sleeve is complete without one!
  6. Techno-tard question here... Is there an app available to allow me to log in via an LST icon on my iPhone? Thanks.
  7. blujax01

    Winged Tiger 2

    Billy Hill Second Session
  8. blujax01

    Winged Tiger 1

    Billy Hill First Session
  9. blujax01

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Winged Tiger back piece Second session complete. I didn't move for 3 hours but I have to say that I wanted to run away. A lot.
  10. blujax01

    Is this a good Tattoo idea?

    What a wonderful idea! :p
  11. blujax01

    New and question for artists concerning others work

    Chris Dingwall did an award winning dragon on my leg at a show in the 90's with the intent of coloring it when the outline healed. Long story short, this never happened. 20 years later I decide to get it colored and found Chris was working in New England so I email him and got the okay to have someone else finish the job. With a clear conscience and good mojo, I sought out a local artist who was stoked to be working on a Dingwall piece and happily finished the job.
  12. blujax01

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Not a bad first day. Next sitting will be January 10.
  13. blujax01

    Upcoming Tattoos

    I'm finally taking the plunge, giving in to the art and getting my back piece. Face it, I will never see this art. I will see reflections, photos and glimpses over my shoulder, but I will never see the whole piece as it was intended to be viewed. Ever. Based on some old Huck Spaulding flash, I need this winged tiger. I have given my artist ( free reign to do as he wishes. "Alan, we'll use this as a starting point and then I'm going to Billy Hill the fuck out of it!" We do the outline today. T minus two hours and counting.
  14. As a 60 year old male, I can tell you that some of mine heal slower, especially in the bendy areas. Is the pain worse than it used to be? Probably, but I can put up with it better. I can say that I am a slave t the lotion because I am prone to dry skin and nothing looks worse than a scaly tattoo. And since everything I own is paid off, I am accelerating the program. They say that you can't take it with you, but I damn sure am going out very decorated! :cool:
  15. blujax01

    Hello! Did I just get screwed?

    Location, location, location. Here in Ohio, a reputable artist with a great portfolio will charge $125-$150 per hour. Figure to add in a 15% - 20% tip. How long it takes depends on so many things, like body placement, complexity of work, And your ability To sit the fuck still.