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  1. Some sick Cats Russ & ItsNewport! Love them!! Jade - Deno did my cat head on the other page in under 50 mins I couldn't believe it when he said he was done. Super fast!
  2. Just had this done by Deno from Circus tattoo at London Convention today! 1st of a pair, inside lower back of thigh.
  3. Ha ha what a truly odious woman she must be. My Mum always rolls her eyes, acts shocked and says 'Right! That's it now. No more!!' But when I was living at home she would always make me show her friends my latest one & still does when i visit. My response is always 'what makes you think I am not getting any more Mum!?' After my 12th she threatened to stop doing my washing for me if I got any more. She lives close by & as I am single & live alone she still does it (why have a dog & bark yourself right!? Ha ha) I had my 13th last week & showed her & she's still doing my washing. My Nan is 95 and is super old fashioned as I guess is her prerogative & when she first saw i was tattooed (swallows on ankles) she looked as if somebody had fed her a dog shit sandwich - the look of pure disgust. She didn't say a word. 4 weeks later my birthday card arrived & it had birds on it. She wrote at the bottom - 'I know you like birds' ha ha. She has since been quoted as saying "I can understand him getting one out of sheet stupidity but to get more!?" she doesn't get it at all but she doesn't love me any the less. She can see I'm still a good person albeit "intelligent to a point" apparently, only to a point cheers Nan!! :) My Mum is the absolute best & loves me unconditionally like all parents should love their kids. I guess I do count myself lucky but that's the way it should be surely!! This woman needs to get a fucking grip!!
  4. Hit the nail on the head Erik! People like that annoy the absolute shit out of me!! It's just ignorance. Did I ask for your opinion? No well f right off then.
  5. Sorry, to conclude; I am a tattoo snob yes I would have to say, amongst other things.
  6. My best mate went to Borneo on honeymoon & had a big anchor on his calf. It was the first Western tattoo the guy had ever done & suffice to say its proper shit! But what can you say!? I think he knows it's shit. I would never be rude. I am an amateur when it comes to tattoo knowledge but I was lucky enough to literally stumble on a circle of high end tattoo artists all of whom have given me quality tattoos. Now I'm hooked & my knowledge is growing. I like what I like but I like to think I can appreciate if a tattoo has been well executed or not regardless of whether it's in my taste. There are an awful lot of people with shit tattoos out there. I think it's hard not to be a snob albeit an inward one.I just smile & say yeah nice one ha ha. And as for first timers I try to give them my best advice as to getting a good tattoo but I think invariably they don't listen or they don't want to wait a while for a good artist in which case what can you do!? I agree with what someone said earlier, I rarely see people in the flesh with good tattoos & I get excited when I do! And someone tell me where all the hot tattooed girls are FFS cause I want one! Ha ha.
  7. 30/09 - Deno at London convention- Cat head - not 100% where yet!? It will be one of two the other I want to go to Madrid for. 02/10 - Valerie Vargas - first sitting of two thigh pieces, Lady Heads. 27/01 - Steve Byrne at Cult Classic - Clipper on forearm. 16/02 - Franz Stefanik at Brighton Convention. Eagle & a snake on my leg. Very excited!!!!
  8. Thanks very much Scott! Nice of you to say buddy. I don't know what a 'gallery' is can someone help me out? I need to get a good pic of the Sharks, they are a pair, again SJ inspired & also done by Nick. I'll post it when I do. Cheers. I saw a few comments about London Tattoo Convention a few pages ago & I just got booked in for a small Cat head by Deno! 2 days later I am getting started on a pair of thigh pieces by Valerie at FST. Complete lucky bastard I absolutely cannot wait!! Come on!
  9. Got this little Sailor Jerry Sea Turtle (outside ankle) by Nick Horn at Good Times yesterday! Love it.
  10. Just had this done by Mario at Frith Street.