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  1. @hogg I love her, great experience with the master !!
  2. @Avery Taylor here is my ladyhead added to the arm ditch by Jack Rudy.
  3. Are you on IG. We are meeting up with some other LSTers. Send me your IG name and we will send you a message.
  4. Really beautiful, what a great way to spend a Sunday @jade1955
  5. Just had confirmation of my appointment on the Sunday, with Mr Jack Rudy. Lady head in arm ditch!!!! Woohoo!!!
  6. Looking forward to seeing all your collection aswell :) @Eilin
  7. Defo getting one of these aswell @jade1955
  8. That will be great. Drinks for sure!!! We will send you a message on IG when we arrive. ::)) @jade1955 and I forward to meeting you all :) @Eilin
  9. Hi @Eilin We will both be at the convention on the Saturday. It would be great to say hello. Will you be there on Saturday?
  10. I love lady heads, at last count, I have 14. Beautiful big eyes and long eyelashes get me hooked each time. My latest tattoo in progress, is a large lady head on my back by @Valerie Vargas She is gorgeous. In my opinion, you can never have too many lady heads !!! :))
  11. @jade1955 solid tattoo by Jordan. Outstanding tattooer created this outstanding tattoo, on my outstanding husband!!:))
  12. A guy in my home town about 30 years ago Emiliano Liberatori x 4 Stefano Ceri Stewart Robson x 2 Lucy Pryor Chad Koeplinger Rose Hardy Joel Blake Lina Stiggston Tod Noble Crispy Lennox Mary Joy Oliver Mackintosh
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