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  1. So if any of yall remember, a couple months ago I posted the single of an upcoming EP. Well, it's out now! you can find it at Fail Better | Terrible Terrible We did pretty much everything ourselves and pretty much locked ourselves up for half a year to get it all together. Pretty damn pleased with how it came out, and if you're in the NJ/NYC/Philly area we're playing a few shows through the summer. @TrixieFaux and @markBee i know yall were into the single.
  2. Thanks @TrixieFaux and @Mark Bee!!! Yall can follow us on Facebook if you wanna keep up with our happenings. We're hoping to put the album out in early June and then to tour on it. So maybe we'll make it to ya!
  3. We're playing in New Brunswick on April 11th! @HaydenRose
  4. Hey folks, I know I haven't been posting much lately and a big part of that is because I've been in the studio for the last forever. Here's a sample of what we've been working on. Let me know how you feel about it! https://terribleterriblemusic.bandcamp.com/album/pulling-teeth
  5. Why don't we get drunk and snapchat pictures of our balls anymore?
  6. @Cork, stay strong brotha. And start thinking about your next tattoo. You're gonna really miss getting tattooed if you don't have a contingency plan!
  7. fuckthisthread fuckthisthread imsopoor fuckthisthread @Hogrider thatssofuckingreditissofuckingcool @Cork fuckfuckfuckfuckthatissometal fuckthisthread iloveallofthese
  8. I have a reaper on my calf. This past summer a little dude saw it, looked up at me in awe, and went "Woah." It totally blew his little mind. That was the best.
  9. So I fell off the face of the world for a while and JUST MISSED THE FIRST ACTUAL MEETUP IN NY. Serves me right, I spose. I'll try to be a better dude and do this stuff and not disappear for months in the future...
  10. Robert Ryan. Ever see something of his that didn't stop you dead in your tracks? I rest my case.
  11. I can probably do it. But something always seems to come up last minute and fucks my steez up. But if I do make it, I'll be the youngest at 22, @HaydenRose, so don't worry too much. haha
  12. Nice stuff, looking forward to seeing you around.
  13. Was hoping to have something for this month, but I wasn't able to finish my chest up at my last session. I'll be coming for yall next month!
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