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  1. So I need some help with some ideas to finish my other arm for my tattoo. It's going to be more Greek and Roman statues. I'm just not sure if I want it all black and gray, or like my other arm I have some roses mixed in with it. The sculptures are from the bridge of angels in Italy. Just looking for maybe some suggestions I'm going to get more statues but I don't know like if I should mix some coloring with it of something or just all black and gray? Here is the artist that I'm going to be working with to finish my other arm https://instagram.com/gagecheesmantattoos?igs
  2. I'm so excited, this has been a long time coming. I having been planning this for the last year. Saving up money. It's literally gonna cost me an arm, but and arm and a leg price wise as well. The reason I'm getting it is very personal to me, and has been very well planned and thought out. It doesn't hurt I think it looks badass! For those who criticize someone getting a tattoo, you really don't matter. We're all individuals, its our own bodies and we have the right to choose what we want. I always hear, your gonna regret that when your older. Like you actually know me? I know me. I would r
  3. Ok I'm going to get my tattoo done this coming Tuesday. Most of the tattoo is designed. He asked me if I wanted something on the inside of my arm. I do cause I want a full half sleeve. My tattoo is kind of old roman statue baroque styling. Its some Bernini sculptures depicting a battle between heaven and hell. We may not even be able todo the inside of my arm cause he's already doing this work is one sitting. He suggested putting a skull on the inside of my arm, but I didn't really like that idea cause I don't think it fits the style of tattoo. He's really good at skulls and can get them don
  4. I was just curious if you thought it might help heal better, and what you thought of it? Or just stick with aquaphor?
  5. Some of you probably know who he is, or your familiar with Kore Flatmo. I haven't met Mason, but from what everyone tells me he's awesome. I'm getting a half sleeve the will also cover my chest. I'm traveling there. He said it should take about 8 hours? I was wandering if anyone had any advice for me? Cause that is a long time to be getting tattooed.
  6. Well I said sorry and I now have read it, so i don't know what else I can do....
  7. Well I just wanted some more opinions on artists, other then what I thought. and let's be honest 90% of people do not read "newbie guides" or "faq" and other things like that. Sorry it was the only way I thought I could post.....
  8. Well that's why I won't be getting a tattoo out here, I just wanted what others thought of the artists work. I will proabably end up going to see Mason williams. His work is just as good if not better that Jun's
  9. I am a huge fan of Jun Cha's tattoo's. The shading, the details he puts in his work. It looks like pieces of art on your skin. Anyways he is crazy expesive nd waiting list is like atleast a year. So yeah that isn't gonna happen for me........ Here's some of is work Does anyone know what style you'd call his tattoo work? Black and greay realism? So I have been in serch of a tattoo artist in the midwest that can do work as good as his. Preferably in Minnesota, where I am. I have only found 2 artists and there in Cincinati. ArcLight Tattoo Studio, Ltd. | Mason Williams Tattooist | Cinc
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