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  1. blowout and new tattoo

    I'd let it be - they are just part of getting tattooed - best to learn to love em! That said - if you really can't stand the blown out bits, you can always get the actually blowout lasered. Couple of passes and it will probably get rid like this pic shows
  2. What do you use?

    Keep it covered til the night, wash out all the goo and rewrap with saran. Next few days wash with antiseptic soap - usually a bar of dettol - and rewrap every 4ish hours during the day, applying moisturiser if needed I wet heal my tattoos until it feels ready to let them dry out - usually after 2-3 days. Stops them scabbing. Also stops them touching my clothes. Only exception is in hot weather when the saran comes off a lot sooner.
  3. Baltimore folks - help me decide!

    I'm not from Baltimore and I don't know tonnes about Japanese - but this guy looks good
  4. Tattoo cloudy

    Yep - it's normal for it to look a lot lighter after the scabs fall off. Black will never look as dark as when the tattoo is fresh. In reality it's always gonna look more of a dark blue than actual black. Occasionally you may also get lighter spots related to bits not healing so well / ink fallout - hard to know that til it's fully healed though.
  5. Time for antibiotic cream or not?

    I'm not sure what Cicaplast but it sounds like the Bepanthen might not be helping ya - they changed the ingredients in January and it's no longer good for healing tattoos. My boyfriend had a similar reaction when healing his latest tattoo - around an area of red - it caused some ink fallout - we figure it was cause by that. This article is helpful . Could be something totally different - but either way I'd cut the Bepanthen - I hear Hustle Butter is a good alternative.
  6. Everence...your opinions?

    It's pretty bizarre and unnecessary IMO. And I'm really not keen on the idea of powdered plexiglass being put in the body! In all truth, it also put's me off getting tattooed by green circle people because they are endorsing it...
  7. I'm so fucking stupid 4 real

    Pentagrams are cool. Keep it. If you want to get rid later, laser will probably work or there's always option to cover.
  8. Are Cover-Up Healings Different?

    Really hope you're not trying to do this cover up yourself.
  9. What do you use?

    Interesting article on why not to use bepanthen / alternatives. Think I'll go for shea butter and coconut oil next time after reading this...
  10. Post your bloody tattoos!

    bloody eyes on my butterfly gal. by herb auerbach last year. just after he added the white.
  11. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Healed lady I got from Ivan Antonyshev while he was guesting in Leeds last month. Spotted this design on the Mainstay T-shirt and fell in love with it. So stoked to get a piece from him at last.
  12. Lady Heads

    here's a little butterfly babe I got from Matthew Houston. Glad I managed to get tattooed by him before he headed off to Vancouver!
  13. Advice on filling out chest?

    Yep! Which artist did those? @floriansantus does some amazing ones.
  14. Advice on filling out chest?

    Trad collar and then roses on each side