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  1. Got this at the space city tattoo expo over the weekend. My artist is Cory Cartwright. I'm in love with it and can't wait for it to heal. I'm healing this one with tegaderm. I'm having a little trouble with it though. I put it on yesterday, it was juicy underneath it when I went to sleep. This evening though, it's all dried up underneath. I can't remember if it is supposed to dry up this soon or not. I've only used it once before on another tattoo. Anyone know if that's normal? I don't see any holes in it. I posted in the aftercare section too, maybe I'll get some answers. Anyway, thanks for looking!
  2. I meant to say I put it on the day after I got the tattoo. I'm worried about taking off the tegaderm and putting more on because I think it's past the oozing stage. I'm afraid it will just stick to my tattoo. Well, it's stuck onto it now so I don't see a point in taking it off and putting another one on, to have it do the same thing. I don't see any holes in it. Is it normal to dry up? I don't remember it doing that this soon in my last one.
  3. I put my tegaderm on the day act i got tattooed, which was yesterday. All day it was "juicy" underneath it. But today when I woke up, it's completely dry. The tegaderm has stuck down to my tattoo. It seems like it got a hole in it or something but I can't find one. This is the second time I used tegaderm and I don't remember this happening the first time. Anyone have any suggestions, what I should do? Is this normal? I don't want to take it off cause I know that will probably hurt pretty bad. TIA
  4. Got this little guy friday. This is my favorite "person" Hurley. Done by Greg Ross.http://
  5. zombae8723


    I think the inner bicep would be a good place. As for the design, that's a pretty specific design. If you happen to have a good artist nearby, you could have them put a spin on it perhaps. If you don't have a decent artist, I'd suggest you give them a specific simple design maybe. Do a lot of research so you can tell the difference in a good or bad artist.
  6. If you find they right artist, it could look great! It's not my cup of tea though. All that matters is If it's yours?
  7. Wow at 18 hours! Do yall take a lot of breaks? If you're happy with it, that's all that matters. I'm just wondering, we're you charged by the piece or by the hour? You don't have to say but if it's by the hour, id find another artist. Maybe find another one either way. You could have had a sleeve or 2 in those 20 hours!
  8. That's pretty cool, if you're talking about for your arm though, I think it's too complex for too small of a space. Your artist seems pretty capable, talk with them about it. Who did that for you and who did the Medusa?
  9. Umm black panther? You don't have any ideas of what you want? You should do some research, look up artists in your area. Look then up on instagram and find one that's work you're into. Wait until you find an artist that in your mind, could do no wrong. That way if the agree to do a cover up, you know you'll be getting a bomb ass tattoo. Then you won't be looking for someone to cover it up a 3rd time. Just don't settle again
  10. I have a graveyard, zombie, bats, skulls and shit on one arm, same meaning as your's. I'm planning on putting things that are pretty in life or make me happy, on my other arm. So I also vote for sticking to the theme..... on that arm!
  11. That switchblade is bad ass!
  12. Got the background done for my zombie pinup tonight. I've been waiting a while for this, so I'm kind of excited! Stole this picture from the artist's instagram. The others I took myself so they aren't too great. Can't really get the whole thing in a pic :)
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