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  1. Tattoo cloudy

    Thanks guys! I keep overthinking everything lol My first tattoo was exposed to the sun and got a little light so gonna touch it up next week.
  2. Time for antibiotic cream or not?

    I read that antibiotic ointment is similar to petroleum jelly, i.e. it doesn't let the tattoo breathe and can pull ink from it so I avoided it like the plague.
  3. Tattoo cloudy

    Hey guys! So I recently got a wrist tattoo and I'm worried about it looking cloudy/milky as it heals. After getting it, my tattoo artist slapped saniderm on it and told me to keep it on for 4 days and then take it off and clean the tattoo and then later apply lotion when it gets dry. However, an hour after leaving, I accidentally peeled off the top of the saniderm wrap so when I called him, he told me to take the entire thing off and then clean the tattoo and keep it dry and to clean it twice daily. As its healing (Its been nearly 2 weeks since I've gotten it), I noticed that as the scabs come off, under it, the tattoo looks milky/cloudy. Is this normal? Will it regain the black color? ;_; Here are some pics: This is directly after getting it. This is after some of the scabs fell off The really black parts are the parts that haven't scabbed and fell off yet but they're getting there. Will I need a touchup? T_T
  4. New to the community

    Welcome to the forum! Neat drawings.. I wish I had skills in art ;_;
  5. new to forum

    Welcome to the forum :)
  6. is tattoo to dark?

    Oh the coverup looks way better :D
  7. Horus, the Egyptian god of the skies
  8. I hate summer :(

    I'm sorta allergic to sunlight :v lol I have Rosacea and its triggered by sunlight so I avoid it like the plague.. its hard to though since I live in the tropics.
  9. LST Animal Lovers

    My dog literally slapped me today.. I was laying down singing.. I got the message ._.
  10. Binge watched Stranger Things season 1 and 2 and then found out season 3's gonna be out till 2019.. ._.
  11. I usually go with a friend who's getting a tattoo on the same day with me or accompany someone who needs support xD My first time, I went along with a friend who was getting his like 5th tat. I did pass out for a few seconds when the needle touched a certain part on my wrist lol
  12. Newbie :3

    Hey guys! Signed up for some advice. Hoping to be around for a while :)