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  1. Ok all here is the final tattoo. Just got it complete today . so much better than what it was . here is before and after photos . you guys have been awesome too.
  2. 1 month to go until I get the rest of the tattoo done. Can't wait!
  3. Hello guys it's been a while since I've been on here. Not sure If anyone still cares but I'm going in September the 1st to get the rest of my rework tattoo finished. I will have uploaded a picture of the first part of the rework along with before and after and healed pics. If anyone still cares. Enjoy!
  4. Thanks guys. And Joel will be next,she did a little bit on him so it wouldn't look weird when I walked around with a half done tattoo. but as soon as I get the money I will be going back so she can finish joel. Can't wait. I will post pics when the whole thing is complete.
  5. I went to sirens cove in powdersville s.c the artist that's doing my rework she does a great jobs with portrait style tattoo's as well. Look them up, I recommend them. Very friendly staff too and and she will really work with you on what you want done and go into detail with you about it.
  6. hello all I have an update on my tattoo. I had an artist do a rework on my tattoo and in my opinion has done a fantastic job. she has Ellie done and some of Joel's beard but still has finish him and the giraffe,so for now ill just have a picture of Ellie and when i get time to go back and get it finished ill post a full on picture! This artist has added so much more life and detail into the tattoo I believe
  7. That you, I will show you all updated pictures when I get it fixed. I have my appointment for December 9th. Hope all goes well. You all have been awesome !
  8. thanks all for the response. those tattoos look awesome. yes i have checked his work before and i have even had him do a venom tattoo on my from spider-man. that is why i went back to him. now as for the picture let me rephrase what i said. he had the picture and had it as a reference picture i never gave him the picture to go by. but it is a good picture to use. i'm not sure why he made it look so washed out and cartoon like if he had a portrait picture to go.honestly i dont care what kind of style the tattoo is as long as it looked good but it does not. it looks very bland and washed out. i
  9. Do you think it will have to be a cover up or can it be reworked? I still want this same tattoo just want it to look better
  10. I live in liberty s.c. I though the dark around the face was a bit dark but I didn't know the whole tattoo looked bad for it not being a portrait style tattoo.I thought it looked like a normal style tattoo. Thanks for being honest and helping me guys
  11. I won't I'm going to do some research and see who can fix it and how much it will cost so I'll start saving my money now
  12. OK it's worse than I thought then, I'll see what I can do. I had this artist do some work on me before but I'm not sure what went wrong. Thanks guys
  13. I won't go back. I never told the guy to do the tattoo in a portrait style that's why I guess it looks how it doe's. And honestly I don't care if it's portrait style or not as long as maybe someone can fix the shadow on the face and maybe add a bit more details to male it look no so plain I guess you can say
  14. I like it but I do agree it could use more detail. But I don't know if black can be lightened up or not. The artist used a picture of the guy where his side of his face was in shadow, but I didn't think he would make it as dark as the picture seeing it is a tattoo and all.this is the picture he went from.
  15. hello all just here to get an opinion on my tattoo i got back in may. just curious if you all think the shading on his face and around his eye is to dark and if so can it be lightened up or is it to late? someone at work said they though it was to dark and it has me a bit paranoid.its from the video game the last of us thank you all
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