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  1. Considering a mirror image of a flag tattoo before I start on a large summer project piece on my back. How many here have a mirror image of a tattoo on the same body part?
  2. Two tipping questions

    When my artist does touch ups. I don't pay the usual hourly fee but I enjoy tipping and presenting gifts. Concert tickets, paper towels, bactine, & monster drinks are always cool. When working on a larger piece the idea of one and done dont apply. Waiting 30 days in between sessions allows my old skin to heal and the artist to see small details he would like to improve on. The process and the journey are great when you know the shop staff and your artist. As with most things in life..a little courtesy goes a long way.
  3. when is the time to switch to lotion

    Big fan of hustle butter. Helps with the itch better than anything else I have tried. Nice coconut smell too. Once I remove the Tegaderm, I use a light coat in the morning for about ten days.
  4. A little over six hours is the longest I have gone. Four to five hours is a lot more comfortable.
  5. Time between tattoos

    I personally wait 30 days in between sessions. Allow your body to heal and give the artist time to see their work after a few weeks.
  6. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    At this point I am in for about 20 hours. A few bonus hours thrown in by my Artist. Sorry for the middle age fat man gut profile. Working on it....LOL
  7. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Went back for another session today. Made great strides of progress. Shop was quiet on a weekday. I took the gang a box of hot wings and a chocolate cake. Artist thinks we need one more touch session after everything heals to get the final blending and shading. The areas near my armpits almost had me standing up.
  8. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    @Acedia that is some awesome work. thewitchhunter-awesome dragon
  9. WOW. That's impressive commitment and work.
  10. Upcoming Tattoos

    I made my next appointment for Jan 11th for the next session on the dragon. If real life were like the TV shows...I would be wearing a full Japanese scene on my back right now. So I just keeping booking five hour appointments every 30 days. Waiting is hard for these projects.
  11. I am a big fan of hustle butter. One time I had zero scanning after wearing tegadem for six days. The next time I had very light scabbing after heavy line work. I apply hustle butter twice a day for a week after removing the tegaderm.
  12. I am spending the holidays with my parents who are in their 80’s. Always nice to visit family. Met a new girl friend a few weeks ago and we having fun. After a trying summer, life is good again. The most interesting thing I did lately was visiting a glass factory with the new girl friend and blowing Christmas ornaments.
  13. I understand that the difference between line work and shading. My skin can feel the difference. While in for my last session, my artist and the shop owner got into a complex discussion on the choice of needles when working on large areas. It went a little over my head. I am trying to read and learn as much as possible. My artist mentioned he had never gone over 13 needles for shading on my current piece. Shop owner was talking about using a “34” when working in large areas. Please share what you know about choices of needle set ups for shading work. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  14. Upcoming Tattoos

    That's an awesome image. sounds like a great project.
  15. Upcoming Tattoos

    WOW! I wait 30 days in between sessions. Post lots of pics