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  1. Hi! Conflicted after first tattoo

    Allow me to share a story that might help. I had not had new ink in about 20 years. I am 56. Was a little nervous going into the local shop near my home after lots of research. Met a great, young artist with about 8 years experience. Guy is very talented and prefers to work by appointment. He is very down to earth and will quickly tell you what he can and cannot do. I booked an appointment and had a great experience. 4 sessions later I really appreciate his talent and the way he prefers to work on one large piece per day instead of high volume walk ins. Quality is always worth the wait. I usually book 30 days in advance because that's the only way I can get the exact times and dates I prefer. If I were to China or Japan again knowing what I know now, would I get new ink from a different artist. Yes...it would be part of the experience.
  2. New to Tattoos, Need Help and Advice

    Agreed on not starting on a sensitive area. Think of something with padding. Bicep under your shirt sleeve, shoulder blade ect. The larger the area, the better it will stand the test of time. Anything the sun hits will age quickly. My ink is very personal. It is for me and no one else unless I choose to share it. Read as much as you can. Study lots of pictures and take the time to find a very good artist. You deserve the artist who works by appointment and not the guy who processes walk ins at a volume rate. Hope this helps. Just one old guys .02
  3. Forearm "Life changing" ?

    You guys rock. I used to be careful to keep my ink covered. The dragon claws and whiskers peek out of some short sleeve shirts. One of the young guys at work said hey dude what's that peeking out from your sleeve? I laughed and showed him. Yes I can clearly see there is always one more idea in the works...
  4. New here & to tattoos

    GingaNinja you cant be over 29....LOL Russell
  5. New here & to tattoos

    Welcome aboard. I too am 56 and having a revival of ink after having nothing new for 20 years! I am already working with my artist on a third tattoo once my dragon is done. Its going to be along wait until my next appointment on December 8th.
  6. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Ginganinja that is some very nice work. Blend of colors worked out very well.
  7. My artist cleans the area, .... Allows it to breathe after an application of Bactine and then applies Saniderm. I wear the saniderm at least five days. After that I clean the area with an antibacterial soap, and apply Hustle Butter for the next two weeks twice a day. Griffin's tattoo salve works great in the morning because it does not cling to my work shirts. Very nice work. Hope this helps.
  8. Vision for next project

    My artist and I looked at several comparable scenes online. He gave me his honest opinion on what would and would not work. That's one thing I appreciate about him. Once my dragon is done, I think i know the direction I am going next. The scene will be a blend of color with some cool black and white highlights. Moon is going to be a pale blue, blue reflections on a black and white background. I enjoy asking what my artist can deliver and turning him loose to figure out the details. Dude goes mad scientist on the smallest details.
  9. My experience went well. About half way through the session my friend shows up to meet my artist and say hello. We all laughed and chatted. Talk about a small world. My artist knew the guy who did her last work. Dude ran out of Bactine and she ran out to get some. Needless to say my Artist has a future customer. The perfect balance of all parties being flexible and cool.
  10. Remembering Those Who Served..

    My son is a Captain in the Army, and a nurse. He is the guy who goes the extra mile to help heal America's finest. As a father I am very proud of my son! He wears this ink with pride. God Bless all who have or do serve!
  11. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Went back for session 2 on the dragon yesterday. Got all of the black shading done, and just started on color. After five hours I was wore out. Cant wait for my next session.
  12. Vision for next project

    Once my Artist completes my dragon half sleeve, I am thinking this will be my next project. I want it large , on my right leg, to cover a scar from a motorcycle wreck from a long time ago. All black and white except the moon. Want the moon to be a natural color. No text just the scene because it has deep meaning.
  13. Tipping Question

    One thing I like about my artist. He is very down to earth and real. On my first visit I explained what I wanted. He politely told me there was no way and why. Based on his recommendation I adjusted course and booked an appointment. First tattoo exceeded expectations. Booked a second visit and we came up with a plan for a cover piece. Dude took a lot of photos and time drawing exactly what he thought would work in the theme I wanted covering a 20 year old tattoo. After three sessions we really hit it off and enjoy working together. My artist prefers large pieces, detailed planning, and commits to excellence. He is very careful about accepting cover work. What does this have to do with tipping? A couple nice tips let my artist know I appreciated his work. These days the appointment list is getting longer. Its nice to be able to plan ahead and know exactly what to expect. When I booked my next session for next Saturday, my artist declined a deposit because he knows I will show up a few minutes early and be relaxed. So I handed him a few Cuban cigars instead. Building relationships with the staff of a nice shop and your favorite artist are always good things. Excellent work, fun visits after the work is done to see how it is healing and referrals keep the best businesses going. I want my local shop to do well. If most of us are honest... Dont you want a raise where you work? Then put some good will out there and watch what happens.
  14. My next session is going to be at least five hours. Just met a cool lady who wants to come with to watch and meet my artist.
  15. Hello Tattoo Family

    Nice work. Visited Duluth a few times when I used to live in the Dakotas. The midwest is an awesome place. Best of luck to you.