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  1. Coming out of hibernation. It's been a while since I had fresh ink. A couple years. Have some nice real estate on my left arm that is crying out for a flag motiff. It took a while to get an appointment with all the virus craziness. August 28th is on the books. Waiting for my artist to get back to me on his interpretation of the Betsy Ross flag.
  2. Selling my house because the ex wanted a few dollars more.......I hate moving worse than having a colonoscopy and wisdom tooth pulled on the same day. Going to buy a another house with no ghost in it and get some fresh ink to celebrate.
  3. Good tattoos come from a combination of serious research, planning and searching for a GREAT artist. Instant gratification, impulse and other factors lacking the first three elements usually contribute to less than satisfactory results.
  4. One old guys opinion...which like necks..everyone has one. Then one thing in life you dont want to haggle over price is a well done tattoo. You get what you pay for and wear it for years. Do your homework. Plan well in advance and research your artist, style of work you are seeking, and what you can afford to pay. My artist gives very realistic estimates. Small pieces are an exact price. Large pieces are by the hour. When working on a piece that requires multiple sessions, you might find some days you may sit still longer than others. Factor in touch ups a couple months once t
  5. Absolutely...the pride of quality work and the relationship with the artist last long after the price of great work and a tip. Poor work last longer...
  6. Every picture tells a story. Lost the dog in a nasty divorce.
  7. Minimum of 20%. Small gifts that are personal are good too. Good service for a meal. Fine Ink I am going to enjoy for 20-25 years. Priceless
  8. When I was working on my dragon, I went in for a five hour session. Unknown to me, I was coming down with the flu. During the session I had chills and started shaking. Thought maybe my shirt had been off too long. Yes I had the real deal FLU. Doctor told me to take some time off work. I felt like crap. The work turned out perfectly. No one in the shop got sick. just felt very poor for a week. Nothing to do with the ink. I have another large piece in the drawing stages. If I even thought I was getting sick, I would reschedule out of respect to my artist. Hope this he
  9. In years gone by, I lived in Alaska. Loved it there.
  10. broke up with my gf after 6 months. Damn I hate dating new people. Especially when I am planning my next tattoo....LOL Try explaining you are conservative, curmudgeon that loves ink. Life is good...just crazy.
  11. Going in for my touch up on the bulldog piece. Then making an appointment to have the rooste put on my back to tie into the dragon on my right arm.
  12. Finished. Artist insist I come back for a touch up in a couple weeks. It was worth the wait and sticking with a good Artist.
  13. Well I waited. My artist went to a new shop and get set up. Went is for session 2 today and we had a great afternoon laughing. Project is almost complete.
  14. I am in the process of having a piece done on my leg. Got the line work done and my Artist and friend left my favorite shop. So now I am at the cross roads of having the work completed by the owner of the shop or waiting until my Artist sets up shop again. After five tattoos over the past year, I have developed a great working relationship with this shop and the staff. What would you experienced members suggest?
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