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  1. Finished. Artist insist I come back for a touch up in a couple weeks. It was worth the wait and sticking with a good Artist.
  2. Well I waited. My artist went to a new shop and get set up. Went is for session 2 today and we had a great afternoon laughing. Project is almost complete.
  3. I am in the process of having a piece done on my leg. Got the line work done and my Artist and friend left my favorite shop. So now I am at the cross roads of having the work completed by the owner of the shop or waiting until my Artist sets up shop again. After five tattoos over the past year, I have developed a great working relationship with this shop and the staff. What would you experienced members suggest?
  4. rdinak

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Going in for another session on the sailor jerry on my left leg tomorrow
  5. rdinak

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Getting started on a fun piece before my back project. Artist changed the classic photo to match the color of my dog. So this is tattoo number five and I am still learning. Yes your biceps are free. Back is not too bad. Thigh is a little more sensitive until you start rounding the corners. Got the line work this session. Going to be a fun summer
  6. rdinak

    Anyone heard of or
  7. Anyone heard of or had work at koi tattoo in Hawaii? Have a good friend going there Saturday. She visited the shop, asked a lot of questions and then booked an appointment. I might visit there soon since I have a son in the army who lives there.
  8. rdinak

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Made an appointment for next Thursday. Going to get a Sailor Jerry Boston Terrier on my leg. Something close to this except the colors will change a little to match my dog. She is a seal brendle Boston
  9. rdinak

    Scars after cover up tattoo

    Couple thoughts-The work looks good. I have a large cover piece and understand cover work. You can see my post in the cover tattoo section. Frequently Cover work is never going to make the first work completely invisible. What it does is draw attention to the new work. Full color saturation is seldom one and done.
  10. rdinak

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    JAC1961 Cool finished project-Very nice
  11. rdinak

    Finished sleeve

    Cool. Very interesting work.
  12. rdinak

    Crossing International Borders for a Tattoo

    I used to live in North Dakota near the Canadian border. Visited there a lot. No worries. Have fun.
  13. rdinak

    Getting tattooed again!

    Cool design. keep this pics coming
  14. rdinak

    Was my 1st tattoo experience normal?

    Artist are unique. Some are quite talented, some have better social skills than others. It is a rare blend of personality, artistic talent, and customer base that shape one. My artist and I have a long term understanding of each other. the first time I inquired about a project he wa direct, abrupt and to the point of what would not work. I went back a week later and made an appointment. The project exceeded my expectations. So much that I booked a large, long term piece on my other arm. So after over 25-30 hours work, I have to be very specific about I what I want on a project. When I ask can you do this? Can you do that? The reply is I want you to get exactly what you want. 4 pieces later my artist and I are great friends. When you see the variety of folks that come through the door and some of the questions they ask you start to gain perspective. Its a crazy journey. While not a prude or expert on the subject....its laughable to me when your artist thanks you for wearing deodorant to an appointment. Really...like everyone does not get that? Oh yes these guys/ladies see it all. and that my friend is keeping it mild. Hope this helps