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  1. Good news! It turned out amazing! It looks even better than expected and the tattooer was very nice. It kinda hurted but in a good way, I can't explain it :) Great experience.
  2. Thanks for the advice 🙂 Today is the day and I'm feeling quite weird. This tattoo means a lot of me, things I've been dealing with since I was a teenager and I want to cry. Seriously, I'm like "this is a big decision". I'm happy and want to do it but I have this sudden strain on my chest. I've heard some people need time to adjust to his new "body" with the tattoo.
  3. I was 29, living in Kraków (I'm from Spain) and decided I wanted a souvenir from that experience. I got a moon tattooed on my ankle. I think it's kind of crooked and have thought about covering it up a couple of times. I wanted to get tattooed since I was 16, but thankfully I didn't. The other day I was thinking about what I wanted to get tattoed and laughed at it. I'm a different person now and I'm happy I started getting tattoos so "old".
  4. I don't really don't know about plant names, but I like the second design. Looks great and I love the colors.
  5. I see what you mean and I understand why is not what you expected, but as I was reading the topic I thought I was about to see an awful looking tattoo. It actually looks amazing to me. If I saw that tattoo on somebody I would think it's a great tattoo decision.
  6. Hi, I've recently found that it's a common thing to tip tattoo artists. It may sound weird for you but in Spain we don't usually tip anyone. Maybe the waiters if they give excellent service. Otherwise we don't. Even if we do, it's optional and you give what you want, usually just one euro or so. Thing is, today I have an appointment with a tattoo artist that comes from New York and I wonder how much should I tip as it seems to be the polite thing to do. Should I give him a percentage? How does that work? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi! I just wanted to share with you some amazing fine line / dot work Spanish tattoo artists I love , in case someone might be interested: minkdots Pablo Torre Marina Latre Mariloillustration Amaia Arriaga Lydia Sharon Hughes Teresa Vega "Cuttoo" María Fernández Daniel Berdiel Pablo Pedrajas Dani Sanz Jamestrece
  8. This is an interesting subject as each of us have very different opinions. I don’t really care if the other person is tattooed or not. I’ve met gorgeous people with and without tattoos. Overall I think tattoos are mostly beautiful (guess depending on the tattoo), but it wouldn’t be a problem for me dating someone with no tattoos or no interest in them. In my case it’s because as much as I love tattoos, they are not THAT important in my life. I mean, they have a meaning for me and I need them, they are part of me and give me strength. But hey, if somebody is not into it it’s ok for me. I’d like to share my excitement on tattoos with my significant other but I can do it with friends also. Maybe it’s because I’m really independent? Who knows.
  9. I think the tattoo is lovely and fits you great 😍 As @Intomyskin said, it's kind of weird when your body "changes" like that. One day your skin is clear and the other is covered in ink. It takes time to adjust. I always remember when I first used skinny jeans. I HATED them. I thought I looked stupid. But now I LOVE them. If I wear stright jeans I think I look weird. I can't picture my body without my skinny jeans. This is kinda silly but just for you to get my point.
  10. Dude, no. It looks like a rose. If somebody sees a penis, good for them.
  11. My personal opinion is that there are a lot of different fonts in way too little space. I'm not sure if that will look nice. As other people have said, you need a really skilled tattoo artist to make this look great. You don't want all the letters to look all blurred.
  12. Let it heal. I see what you mean, but even if it turns out it's blowout, I don't think it will be noticeable.
  13. Tattoos are not perfect. Even the most beautiful tattoo you've ever seen has flaws. Funny thing is probably you are the only one who notices. Nobody will look at your tattoo that closely nor will look at your tattoo five minutes straight. Seriously, it looks great 🙂
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