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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Here is my latest tattoo. Just finished it last Thursday. Four hour ribs session 😬
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    Tattoo advice

    Thanks all for the feedback! I agree with the consensus to leave it be for now and fill in other areas. In my opinion, when tattoos peak out of a shirt it /can/ look really great and that was what I was going for. Now I think if I was doing it over I would have designed it less dotted line like but I do have a nit picky component about me that lacks reasonable proportion :). Thank you all again for taking the time and giving the the positive feedback.
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    Tattoo advice

    Hello fine tattooed folks! I e been excitedly collecting for years but recently (over 12 months) added about 80% of my collection! I have a tendency to go through a doubting stage, usually complete once the new ink settles down. Current concern has has lasted longer than usual. I have a tattoo around the collar of my neck and it has some issues. I like things about it. I like the meaning and the way Tibetan script looks. I think it could be a tattoo I really would like. I like the design of negative space between it and my hawk tattoo I also like the bold black. I’m not happy with the way the arc slopes, the top of it looks weird sticking out of a crew shirt and some blown edges as well as areas that would need going over. When I see it from a distance, in a mirror and lower light I really like it and I think it’s because it looks connected (more like a solid band at the top, rather than broken line that is uneven. I want a plan before seeing the artist for his advice. I’m currently thinking making parts bigger, connecting the small “dot spaces” into a solid line might help it. OR, I have contemplated laser consultations to try and completely remove it. When im done with my arms I want to get work on my shoulders and traps which I am banking could/would improve the look of this overall. What do do you think?
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    Most painful spot to get tattooed

    So far the sternum part of my chest was by far the most painful of my tattoos. I did a 6 hour and forty minute session that night and got the whole thing done. I was mellow for a week after that bad boy.
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    Tattoo advice

    Hey,. I go through the SAME doubts and fears into and after every appointment I have had. I know I love great tattoos and think there is nothing more aesthetically appealing to me than great placement and art choice/work. HOWEVER, my view of myself and my choices I grade on the sharpest curve. I may actually have OCD and for this reason I need incubating time after a tattoo to get used to it, let it set in, accept that I have made a decision that is permanent and that's very remarkable in and of itself for someone who even has difficulty with deciding what to eat. Part of my problem is also that I romanticize and love the experience of being in the shop, waiting for the drawing like a groom about to meet his wife in an arranged marriage, the smell of the cleaning solvant, the initial shocking burn and then relaxation that washes over me during the session and after. I as a coping mechanism for indecisiveness I can be rather impulsive. Not always a characteristic I end up happy about. All in all, from what I see, your tattoo, the skill with which it was created all look great. You may just be psyching yourself out, which I can relate with. :)
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thanks for the comment! His name is Carl Greili and works out of west anchor tattoo. I think he did a great job too. The more I get used to it I'm starting to think waiting a while before I add to shoulders is probably a good idea.
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    A Little Advice Before I Approach Artists

    I think the image looks interesting and depending on the style and tattoo it could look great! Ultimately, compare a lot of artists work, then go with one who has done something in a style that resembles what you are going for. Show them the picture, explain what visually you like most about the image and see if they can replicate it. In my recent case, the artist told me my image wouldn't translate well as a tattoo. He drew up something pretty different but it looked really good so I got it.