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    Do y’all see what I’m talking about though? Its like... theoretically I know it’s not a big deal. Can’t stop thinking about it though :(
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    Intro/ request for advice

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site, and new to tattooing in general (I have 3 now). I recently got a new tattoo from the same shop I got my other two at. I really like the artist and the shop, I am a little worried about my newest tattoo. There is some ink creepage/blowout. heres a pic of it right after I got it and then one from today (about a month later). My main concerns are: the line blowout on the dot of the i, the letter k, and the inside of the letter o. There’s also a small line extending from one of the leaves of the olive branch that looks like a bit of creepage. is this a normal amount of blowout, or should I be worried about the artist’s work? Is there anything I can do about it, like thicken the lines, or is it best to just let it go? I appreciate any and all input and advice, so thanks!