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    Grew up poor, thankful for what I have. Tattooer 'til death.
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  1. This is really awesome, I saw this reposted somewhere but the idiot did not credit the artist, I am so glad I know who painted this now, I just emailed him inquiring about a possible print. FYI, Freddy Corbin has been drawing black pin-ups for years, another reason to love Freddy.
  2. My first trip to Dallas was in 1998 and I worked right near Richard's shop. The owner of the shop said, "come on, I'll introduce you to Richard Stell". We walked over there and they were filming Walker Texas Ranger, Richard was tattooing. I got to meet Richard Stell, Mike Wilson AND Chuck Norris all within 5 minutes of each other. It was the coolest day ever for me. Richard wouldn't stop tattooing for them to film and told them to deal with it and film around him, it was rad. I told Richard that story recently from my perspective and he chuckled. I am very excited to see him on Ink Master.
  3. Chris Garver's introduction was awesome. I loved it all the way through
  4. Check it out everyone, Dice Magazine and True South Relief Fund will be hosting a benefit on Saturday July 28th at True Tattoo in Hollywood. If you're in the Southern California area then come on by and show your support for a good cause, there will be lot's of great stuff being auctioned off, such as one-off tattoo machines, custom painted motorcycle helmets, prints, paintings and drawings. It’ll be a good time and a good positive vibe.
  5. I went on this terrible site and found a small army of photos they have stolen from me. I spoke with a lawyer friend and he told me to copy all the links from their site that they have stolen from me. Then he drafted a letter of cease and desist and told me to email that to them with my image links attached. They now have 10 days to remove all 'infringed' photos. If anyone would like help with doing the same thing, would like a copy of the cease and desist letter and help filling it out please contact me at saltwatertattoo@gmail.com. I would be glad to help any fellow tattooers who are being ripped off by this site. PLEASE pass this information along. - Tim
  6. I think what this documentary is going to focus on is 'black and grey' tattooing and where it started. We have a lot of great stuff out there to watch about modern tattooing such as Tattoo Age and Gypsy Gentleman. We also have great documentaries to watch on our previous generation like the Ed Hardy and Sailor Jerry flicks, so I think it'll be nice to have a movie that helps define the birth of the fine-line black and grey style that is such a large part of our industry now. I think we'll find out that guys like Ed Hardy, Owen Jensen and Lee Roy Minugh aren't that far apart from guys like Charlie Cartwright, Freddy Negrete and Jack Rudy. I am personally really excited for this, but I guess my emotion is based on biased feelings towards my local childhood heros. Either way, I can't wait to see it.
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