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  1. That first pic almost looks like puss to me? Maybe go to the doctor just to check for infection?
  2. Acne Tattooing

    My brother had some acne scars on his back and upper arms, he had his sleeve done (not for acne cover) and it has not been an issue. I had some scarring on my knee from when I was a kid which was quite lumpy and have had it tattooed over without issue. As others have said talk to your artist and see what they can recommend. Don't be embarrassed or worry about the artist judging you - scars are a part of life and there are plenty more worse things, chin up and good luck.
  3. Had my right knee done 6 days ago and decided to try dermalize since it's a tricky place to heal. Artist applied cling film and I went off and did a few things and got home about 4 hours later, showered and gave the knee a thorough wash and wrapped with a few peices of dermalize with the help of my hubby. First night went well, my knee swelled like a bitch and a lot of plasma accumulated and I sprung a leak by morning so I had to wash and rewrap, but it was surprisingly comfortable to sleep on and way less sensitive than my previous experiences. By end of day 1 post tattoo I noticed I did a shoddy job of rewrapping and didn't overlap enough, so had broken the seal right where 2 peices joined, so washed it up and rewrapped again - a lot more carefully. Left the dermalize on for the next few days and went about my business, not having to baby the area and not having to wash, dry etc was fantastic - set and forget, no worries about kids dirty fingers and pets dirty paws, no irritation from rubbing and clothes sticking. I could bend my knee and straighten it and the seal stayed intact. Only drawback is I got a little 'rash' on the perimeters of the dermalize - I'm guessing due to pulling of the skin, a little itchy and raised but not too bad. After 6 days the knee looked like a weird prune due to the dermalize stretching during my initial swelling and then crinkled as the knee shrunk. Started noticing little hairline cracks in the tattoo under the wrap. Took the wrap off in the shower and it looks healed, still a little peeling to go but no scabs and it looks amazing for being so fresh. I had a small tattoo done 3 weeks prior with just black line work on my shin and my knee already looks better - I always tend to scab a little and take a long time to heal. It was so easy and fuss free, I'm never going back to the traditional way of healing again.
  4. Long Term Tattoo care

    Keep it out of the sun, sunblock if it's exposed, moisturize everyday and exfoliate once a week. Sent from my MI 6 using Tapatalk
  5. Foot aftercare

    When I got my feet done I would wrap only when I slept for the first 3 days then it was just leaving them exposed to air as much as possible. I'm lucky that I could leave shoes off and just aired them 24/7, washed religiously (5-6x a day) and used organic lotion after every wash. They healed perfectly (except for the red, had an allergy to the ink) and haven't had any touchups. Was an absolute pain keeping them clean and not wearing shoes etc but it worked in the end. Am actually using dermalize now on my knee and it has been fantastic, I wish I'd known about it for my feet cos I think it would of made the whole process a lot easier and hassle free Sent from my MI 6 using Tapatalk
  6. Red ink healing question

    I had my feet done and the red took almost 3 months to heal. The rest of the tattoos fully healed after about 4 weeks but the red stayed really tender and bumpy - almost like pimples. After 2 months I went to the doctor and got some steroid cream, applied that for a couple weeks and finally the red area calmed down and healed. It all looks beautiful now and I haven't needed any touch ups but was a major pain in my bum. Sent from my MI 6 using Tapatalk