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  1. I love this. I'm curious about what you asked him for. I need something from Eddy but the best ones he posts are always things i would never have thought of. Like the goldfish with the kappa inside someone posted recently.
  2. a few months ago, i got a version of the Christian Warlich devil i had asked about. By Tomas Garcia. healed
  3. hfs40000


    I think a dagger through the neck could cover that nicely.
  4. Just set up an appointment for Mike Wilson to start my front in March. Now for the longest 2 months ever... If anyone has any advice for navigating Jacksonville, could you help me out in this thread? http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/2932-inksmith-rogers.html
  5. bumping this thread for advice. I just set up an appointment at the Inksmith, 3rd street/jacksonville beach location. What is the best/cheapest route there from the airport? I was thinking about renting a car because the transit route according to google maps was 2.5 hours long, kinda intimidating. But on a closer look, it looks like it's only 2 different long subway (or bus?) routes, the JIA 1 train, then the Rosa Parks M train, so maybe its not that hard.
  6. Currently on my nyc tat-cation. First up was Eli Quinters. Next is Hillary Fisher White. When I first got to jfk airport, I was charging my phone at an outgoing terminal and the loudspeaker guy at the desk was listing people that needed to come see him and named Richard Stell. Didn't see him though.
  7. Kevin Stress in Columbus https://instagram.com/kevinstress/ Joel Brennan in Erie https://instagram.com/sbtattoos/ You might have to scroll through his feed awhile because it's a lot of traditional stuff too.
  8. Got this from Greg Christian at Tattoo Faction about a month ago and these from Tomas Garcia at Old Soul last weekend. all stolen from their IGs @Gregchristian4130 and @tomas_garcia I used to complain about not being in a great tattoo city like NYC, but being a 2 hour drive from cleveland and pittsburgh isn't really too bad.
  9. i heard tattoo inks contain gluten also. no more tats for me
  10. Thanks for the input @Graeme and @bongsau. Bong, do you have a pic from the top? I can't quite see what you're talking about from the ones in your gallery.
  11. A lot of these back pieces with background and stuff seem to go all the way up to the tops of shoulders, although i can't really be sure from the pictures. Do you think getting work on top of your shoulders, for instance the old dagger through the neck, would interfere with getting a full back piece?
  12. None of these are on me, but L.M. Knight deserves to be in any thread about frogs. https://instagram.com/p/YymwV0SRtK/ https://instagram.com/p/ZHGdSRyRmb/ https://instagram.com/p/m0m3WCSRs8/ https://instagram.com/p/VElw17SRrk/ https://instagram.com/p/jH5EomyRuh/ https://instagram.com/p/lGLojtSRsn/ https://instagram.com/p/rKm5F-SRlD/
  13. I doubt anyone will beat that tiger/cobra but Zuck it.
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