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  1. Hello - and Happy Christmas all - Not been contributing much due to lockdown/shutdown/eiderdown.... Had a couple of tattoos recently but all are stick and poke and not relevant to this site - in any case.... Peace and Goodwill and here are my 12 things of Christmas........... i) They all do that ii) Totally normal iii) Not finished healing iv) Not a blowout v) A blowout vi) A blowout a blowout a blowout - if you say it enough it becomes really weird.... vii) Stop covering it in stuff viii) Stop covering it in other stuff ix) No really stop covering it in stuff x) Blimey - that looks odd xi) No - its great but you really need to address your underlying anxiety issues and my own contribution - xii) all ink is cool - change my mind. R
  2. Heres 3 that have tattooed me recently (ish) and are selling stuff (I've put in orders to Elharper and Swearjar- Ben is doing Vans) - UK based of course. And... Ive attached a 3 years (give or take a month) photo of one of my magpies by Mr Dunning - just done on the right - today on the left - yes I know it's the wrong way round Actually - while none of us is getting tattooed - how about a pic of your favourite that you have had inked (or favourites that you have had inked) and a link to Instagram for the artist (or artists) what do you reckon?🙂
  3. Tattoo studios are all shut in the UK also right now - I'm looking out on IG for art/prints/Tshirts to buy - there's a couple that are going to be doing that - I'm also hoping the Govt over here sorts out some money for self employed people while they are mandating the shut down.
  4. Of note..... In ancient times Jock liddell Dennis Cockell More recently: Ben Dunning El Harper (born El Tragico). .
  5. Unless you live in the UK where all it does is rain and the darkness is your friend.... And even then they fade... As do we all. Happy Thursday.
  6. I also have a rather large tattoo.
  7. Rather Delicious Goat - from an 18th century woodcut donchaknow....
  8. I reckon it goes a bit like this.... Being tattooed has become more socially acceptable (at least in the UK). This has removed one barrier to being tattooed (at least in the view of some who care about that sort of thing). Tattooing is more accessible. There are more tattoo studios - and it's easier to get an understanding of the process and book an appointment. This has removed another barrier (at least in some who wouldn't have made the effort). Tattooing is now seen as desirable in some social milieu. This has encouraged some who are influenced by that kind of thing to have a tattoo - when maybe that shouldn't be a primary reason. The "being tattooed progression" also appears to have changed with the above. Shoulder to upper arm to (maybe) lower arm to hands (unusual) to face (very unusual) has migrated to lower arm, hands etc as potentially a first tattoo. But then again - "I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was, and now what I'm with isn't "it""..... 😕
  9. Hello there - I've been doing a bit of reading around the latest research on how tattoos are maintained - specifically the action of macrophage pigment take up - and how over time the macrophages essentially drop the pigment and there is then a re-uptake by replacement macrophages. Macrophages are involved in various stuff around immune response and (although I haven't found any direct research on this) I would be interested to find out how many people have "allergic" reactions months or years after initial tattoo. It is possible that an individual's immune response changes over time - and at the time of macrophage re-take up (months or years after the initial tattoo) there is a difference in response (however this is just guesswork on my part at this point). Would be great to see more research on this - but I can't find any directly related to tattoos. Ive probably pasted this before - but here it is again -
  10. See a doctor. It is rare but there have been cases of inflammatory myopathy as a complication post tattoo - it's been found in cases where people are immuno-suppressed - which could be for a number of reasons. I say "have been cases" - a quick google only brings up one - so it seems very rare - or under-reported. Not saying that's your issue of course - as above - you should see a medical professional (internet forums are not the best place to get any kind of diagnosis). ""
  11. Viam Est Mars ?... Does Elon Musk have a new tattoo then.
  12. Latest research would seem to suggest It's also going to depend on the initial macrophage response for the particular individual - which is going to vary person to person....and even be contingent on the health of the individual at the time of the tattoo - interesting stuff. The constant replacement of dead macrophages (and ink re-uptake) during the life of the tattoo also seems to me to possibly account for some of the weird "fully healed tattoo doing odd things every now and again" that some of us have experienced - I would love to see more proper research on this. Here's a bit of info:
  13. I've gone down the dry healing route for the latest after the crap with the last one - 4 days in and do you know what, I think I'm going to stop with the lotions and potions for aftercare - seems to be healing just fine by itself without me poking at it with salve. Also my clothes aren't covered in crap, which is nice. Anyone else just letting stuff heal by itself these days? -