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  1. AtomicMagpye

    First tatto- Iā€™m a little nervous.

    Hello and welcome to the forum - others will probably be along to tell you to give it some time - and I would agree - this is a very new tattoo and you need to wait until it's fully healed to be able to have any perspective on it - give it a couple of months to fully settle in. Aftercare - I've had a couple of tattoos now and I have healed really well using Bepanthan (in small amounts) - but others will tell you (with some vigour) not to go anywhere near it. I have also healed with no ointments, herbs, spices, spells or oils at all and these have turned out equally well - so.... One piece of universal advice I think I can give is whatever you use don't use too much of it, and don't soak the tattoo (as in submerged for any length of time) in water. - What did your tattooist recommend for aftercare?
  2. AtomicMagpye

    anyone have a high quality old tattoo?

    @bluebullets - Have you got pictures of your tattoos that you could post?
  3. AtomicMagpye

    Tattoo Year in Review

    boat was last year - a fair amount done this year though.... Happy New Year!
  4. AtomicMagpye

    Newbie!! Hello! :)

    "I almost fell asleep while I was getting my back done" I feel I should contribute (sorry about that) - I didn't (fall asleep) - I didn't like it in an "are we done for the day" kind of way.... and yes that's for most of it (although it's only 50% obvs) (my back not yours to be clear) Also my lower ribs and rear thingy wotsit were ridiculous and I'm not doing that again- sorry no good with medical terms - the flesh over the liver thingy and that - Cheers! Happy Christmas! Richard Also - it really isn't a good reason not to get a tattoo - the experience is where it lives.
  5. AtomicMagpye

    Hi there I have some questions

    See video for what happens when someone tattoos you in an RV - or in this case a car. It's the acceleration, corners and braking that usually cause the issues. It may be possible on a long stretch of highway - but still not usually recommended. skip to 35 seconds in for the educational bit.
  6. AtomicMagpye

    Hi guys, and a question

    I would ask for the deposit back and find someone else, if you feel bad about it explain you have no more vacation days. It's not their fault re their current issues - but by the same token it is not yours either and they have already cancelled on you once. The tattoo gods may be trying to tell you something here :-). Anyhow My advice for what it's worth would be - get the deposit back and find someone else..... Cheers and have a marvellous day. R.
  7. AtomicMagpye

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    done - at least for a while -
  8. AtomicMagpye

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    today's ink accumulation -
  9. AtomicMagpye

    Superstitions and Tattoos

    Interesting topic - I have no tattoos on my right side. I'm not necessarily superstitious about it - but I'm definitely a bit stitious for sure.
  10. AtomicMagpye

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    My "band" made a cheap video to go with a cheap song šŸ™‚ ... it was fun at least.....
  11. AtomicMagpye

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    lol - yes it was awesome...... couple of pics attached - not had a summer like this in the UK for a while - am I am back home now - but... have an appointment tomorrow with my local friendly tattoo emporium šŸ™‚
  12. AtomicMagpye

    Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    Went on holiday - stood on a beach -
  13. AtomicMagpye

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Bit raw at the moment - done yesterday along with a couple of praying hands and banners to fill in the rest of the back (can't take a pic of that bit šŸ™‚ ). Nearly there - probably one more session for completion -