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  1. That's the whole point! I LIKE being a dick about it! Getting you guys all riled up while I'm riding the bus or making a sandwich or taking a crap! The subtle backhanded compliment. Making you angry and loving it! Bahahaha plebeians! I don't really care about any of this. I'll get a stick and poke tomorrow or a trad piece the following day. Muh ha ha ha ha. Tequilaaaaaaaaaaa bitchesssss!
  2. A tried and true method for making it through painful tattoo sessions is dayquil + nyquil, so you're halfway there! Personally I like to add some red wine to the mix too.
  3. You're cute. I remember when I had been getting tattooed for 4 years and thought I was an expert. However you do have me beat for chatting about tattoos on the internet - must feel good to be such a heavy hitter here ;-)
  4. My opinions are after studying it, not based in ignorance. I own the Amund Dietzel biography and multiple sailor jerry books which i have read and traced and painted cover to cover. I can tell you about Stoney St. Clair and of him being interviewed by Ed Hardy, and Ed Hardy working up in Vancouver Canada way back in the day. I can tell you what "flash" actually means, how it was created, tattooed, traded, and improved upon. I can point out intentional mistakes in Sailor Jerry flash where he tried to protect his work from being copied. I spend 5 days a week in a shop full of classic flash and have 15 years of obsessively reading everything about all styles of tattoos. I've got some friends who are excellent traditional tattooers (who know I don't really care for the style). So call me rude asshole but don't say I have no interest in understanding traditional. I'm well informed and perhaps even more educated on the topic than you (or maybe not). I even have some traditional tattoos and plans to get some more. I just refuse to be a fanboy to them while ignoring everything else. I also know excellent tattooers and other collectors who share the same opinion as me but are too polite to come out and say it. I'm not interested in making friends here, just having the real talk about tattoos.
  5. Hey, I was commenting on the whole thread. And the dude is classic good vibe material. You misinterpreted me. Sorry.
  6. Shit. Too many good points. https://youtu.be/gbIv7W7rhx4
  7. Cute Beagle Is Bloated: https://youtu.be/8qYiX_b35EQ
  8. Yeah I agree about the scuba suit - that's why I'm growing my hair back. Anyway this is my fave tattoo I've seen on here. Bravo.
  9. Super nice. But why not do the whole head?
  10. I'll just put this here again. 26 years old.
  11. @beez @LizBee I did snap a photo of the other arm, but I don't know what happened to it. That day was a real treat. It's not often you get to see proper sleeves these days. Yeah, I said "proper sleeves" just to rile y'all up.
  12. @beez, points taken. People love to say "that's not gonna last" with regard to newer styles of tattoos, and that traditional tattoos will last. Pardon me, but let's get real folks - that attitude is largely horse crap. Those old traditional tattoos on our parents and older, they mostly look like shit now. Have you seen any real sailor jerry tattoos now? Unrecognizable. All tattoos age and degrade. On the other hand, here is an Eddy Deutsche sleeve completed in 1989 which I photographed less than a year ago. This piece is over 25 years old at the time of the photo. Dude also had an OLDER Guy Aitchison sleeve on the other arm and it looked equally good. And I also agree that this place is pretty aggressive. I make some unpopular comments, but they are opinions on tattooing in general. In response I often get personal attacks, like my art is crap and I don't deserve a tattoo machine tattooed on my hand. Now that's just plain rude stuff.
  13. Glad to hear you have some good taste for the true greats as well as the popular trad guys. Only regular size nuts in my shorts. Apologies for not knowing my machines. I've only been exposed to the Jim Rosal and Dave Richmond machines in my boss' quiver. Having something tattooed on your hand doesn't mean you have to be able to name each and every one of its kind. I have a sailboat on my other hand but can't name each and every boat on the dock.
  14. Just some washed up old timer who can't even do traditional tattoos ;-)
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