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  1. Hemmel


    Very cool!!!
  2. Hemmel

    Bra strap question

    Hello - I am HATING wearing my bra with straps crossed in back. This is the only way to keep the strap off the tattooed part of my shoulder. How do I know when my tattoo is healed enough to handle a strap on it? I apologize of there is already a thread on this. I wasn’t able to find one.
  3. Hemmel

    LST Animal Lovers

    That would definitely be the context I missed!
  4. Hemmel

    LST Animal Lovers

    I didn't know you were talking about a dog at first. 😳😆
  5. Hemmel

    LST Animal Lovers

    Lol thanks! They are pretty good animals. I wouldn't mind having an Aussie someday though. I'm a sucker for merle.... Blitz is 1/8 Australian shepherd. That's where he gets it from.
  6. Hemmel

    Is your tattoo infected and aftercare FAQ

    Hustle butter worked great for me until about five days in. Then my body decided it hated it. It just felt like burning. I switched to Eucerin and then everything settled down. Maybe you just need to find the right lotion for your body?...
  7. Hemmel


    What style do you do?
  8. Hemmel

    LST Animal Lovers

    This is Paulaner and Blitz.
  9. Hemmel

    LST Animal Lovers

    OMG, creepiest post ever without context!😂😂😂 But after a little background info I totally agree. Beautiful pup with a cute butt lol
  10. Thanks! I do love it! And I'm lucky because this is not at all how I pictured the end result. I obsessively researched the artist though and trusted him to do his thing. I'm glad I did
  11. Here is my new one. I love it.
  12. Hemmel

    Sometimes we get untattooed!

    Why are you getting it removed if you don't mind me asking?