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  1. You are so ignorant of civil rights. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 explicitly prohibits restaurants from refusing service to patrons on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin. In addition, most courts don’t allow restaurants to refuse service to patrons based on extremely arbitrary conditions. Do yourself a favor and read about it to spare yourself the embarassment. http://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/restaurants-right-to-refuse-service.html
  2. If we allow companies to discriminate and/or deny basic rights, we are only inviting protesting and riots. Are you really that blind and ignorant? Have you forgotten about the riots in Ferguson, Milwaukee, Charlotte, etc? The fact of the matter is that if a worker hates a group of people, and they can't serve them in public, then they cannot do their jobs properly, and should be fired. The workers that get fired should get a solitary job, such as trucking, transportation, or anything where they don't have to deal with the masses. As a society, we cannot PROMOTE hate and fear, that is what
  3. There's a difference between being ABLE to serve someone based on safety, and disallowing them rights just because they hate people of color or sexual preference. Should racism and homophobia really be tolerated and legalized?
  4. How do I delete my topic? I don't want 1,000 people saying that I shouldn't use my own art for my tattoos.
  5. DJDeepFried, are you saying I should have a tat artist design something from scratch, and one small tattoo? Kind of defeats the point since I do have passion for my own art. It's also become apparent here that everyone here who commented doesn't seem to like my style. Which is fine, I'm not doing it for other people. I am somewhat hard to please, so I don't think I want to do a dozen different tattoos on my back over the years, of something that's not even my own ideas. I would be telling myself that I am not worthy as an artist to put my own art onto my body. That's something I still st
  6. Thanks all. My design is busy because I want something unique about me (or my style). You're right, I do need to consult an artist to see what they can add to it. I do like my design for the most part. I was looking into medieval/celtic designs and I kind of wanted that at first. But I couldn't figure out how to modify it to look less Celtic, more medieval. The art I made below Is the kind of thing I typically draw, so i do want my tattoo to reflect that.
  7. This is the tattoo design I made recently. I am new to tattoos, and want something unique. So this art consists of 100% original content made by me. Some parts need work- I'm not sure what needs to be added but the empty spaces between designs is probably the issue. I haven't drawn a lot of tattoo art, so I do have a long way to go. I'm great with comic book anatomy and a variety of other things. Someone mentioned that the texturing in the middle part looks like a giraffe's spots. Does it? It's meant to be rocks that will have some faded shading once I draw the whole thing on pape
  8. Wait until we see the next fruit bat that puts 15 Trump tattoos on his body.
  9. It said they were having gang problems. I do wonder, would there be backlash against restaurants for banning members of Biker clubs for wearing MC vests?
  10. What a weird combination. What's next, the local church has a birth control room?
  11. On his right calf, a scimitar decapitating an Asian elephant is adjacent to a cobra impaled on a switchblade.
  12. I too, must add to my post count before I can start a thread. This is my seventh. I must say, this is a nice feature. I cannot tell though, have I already typed 60 characters yet? Oh and hello to all the Last Sparrow Tattoo Forum members and admins!
  13. What forum engine/code does LST use? Maybe I could look up some things that would allow you guys to change the colors and a variety of other things. For example, there are forum add-ons that allow you to have thumbnails of your art/images right under your avatar or in the signature. I can see the potential for this.
  14. It's certainly a great little site. I tried signing up with other tattoo forums and I still haven't gotten an activation email in weeks.
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