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    Tattoo opinion

    Thanks guys for your opinions. I actually like it and I studied quite a bit the design with my tattooist. The cover up option comes to my mind only during times of stress and overthinking, and instead of taking it out on people, I take it out on my tattoos 😂 Regarding the head, at the beginning I didn't notice anything strange, it probably all started when a couple of friends thought it was an eagle (An eagle?! Really?!?! 🤷🏻‍♂️). In their defense, beyond their ignorance about birds, I must say that we don't live in a place where crows and eagles are present 😅
  2. Pasq

    Tattoo opinion

    Hello everyone 👋 I'd like your opinion on a tattoo I recently had. I wanted to express the concept of going towards the unknown. In general I like it, but the head of the bird (that should represent a crow) does not really convince me. What would you do? Would you add/change anything or cover it up with something else?
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