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  1. https://www.quora.com/What-color-does-the-combination-of-brown-and-green-make
  2. I've been putting loads of sunscreen on it since we've been getting a lot of sun the past few weeks. I am coming to understand and accept that tattoos are inherently imperfect and with that perspective I am learning to love mine for what it is, instead of what I wanted it to be. Also I did some reading and I think I'm still in the phase of healing where there is a layer of dead skin over the tattoo since it still feels raised and looks cloudy. I'm hoping when the healing is 100% done some of the original color and sharpness will rise to the surface. Thanks for all the helpful advice!
  3. I talked to the artist and he said that it's my natural skin pigment that's making the colors look green/brownish. I asked him if he could do it a deeper blue to cover up the miscoloring and he refused saying "The color would be too flat and it would look bad" Not really what I wanted to hear, he basically said there's nothing he would do about it, but he offered a free touch up.
  4. Hello, First post. I really love forums like this. Places like these are a great place for people with similar interests to share ideas and information and I'm glad it exists. Will get straight to it. The first pic was 24h fresh only a few hours after taking off the bandage, washing and applying ointment. The colors were true and I loved it. After a few days the tattoo got that thin film over it with some light scabbing and which I believed was the normal signs of healing. I haven't been the best at taking care of it but I do wash it at least once a day and apply ointment to it 3 times a day. At about week 2 it started to itch really bad and I admit I did scratch it a few times but I never went so far as to peel off the scabs. Anyways. The second picture is 4 weeks (taken today) and as you can see the color has changed a lot and there are even tinges of green/brown in some locations. It is still slightly raised in some sections but most of the peeling/scabbing has fallen off and it's starting to feel more like regular skin. It's the color that's freaking me out. Any advice would be a godsend at this point. Please and thank you ._.