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  1. Same! I like the Duraflame analogy. Seems accurate. I'm stealing that for future use!
  2. Apparently, the largest such preservation ever done in North America. It wasn't cheap either. https://nypost.com/2018/11/15/mans-dying-wish-was-to-be-skinned-have-tattoos-preserved/
  3. Best thing you could hope for in that scenario is that you'd get to meet Walter White. You only use RVs for cooking meth.
  4. That's horrible. I can only hope that both of those children are removed from her care.
  5. This is great news! Although it still amazes me that while they have some of the most beautiful tattoo artwork they frown upon it's practice as a society. https://kotaku.com/today-was-a-big-victory-for-japanese-tattooing-1830429896
  6. By no means should you take my opinion as medical advice. However, I am surprised to hear that the doctor concluded the tattoo ink caused the swelling. There are reports of tattoo ink staining lymp nodes (found post-autopsy I believe) but I dont' think any of these cases involved lymp node swelling as a direct result of being tattooed. Also, placement would be irrelevant. The ink gets to the tattoo via your body's systems and not just because it's placed on your arm. If you're confident the doctor's assessment is accurate then you might want to avoid another tattoo or do something small and see how your body reacts this time. Here's a couple of articles on the subject: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2017/09/15/tattoos-may-go-deeper-than-you-realize-and-not-in-an-emotional-way/#467b48a3273b https://www.firstforwomen.com/posts/tattoo-pigment-in-lymph-nodes-143666
  7. Agree with @Oiocha. Let it heal and then see where you're at with it. I don't think moving your wrist is going to make it any worse. I recently started working on my first larger scale tattoo and I've definitely been down the over-analyze, stare at it all night path with it. It can drive you crazy especially if you're prone to being a perfectionist. Accepting imperfections is part of the process as I'm slowly learning. As a wise man once said in another thread, "my tattoos are as perfect as I am". Credit for that goes to @JAC1961
  8. Welcome to LST! You might want to post a pic of your existing tattoo if you're looking for input/advice. You'll get lots of good, honest advice here.
  9. Definitely nothing to worry about. It looks good. Have to agree with @oboogie
  10. @Gingerninja Yes I talked to him a month or so ago. He wasn't sure either. I guess if it doesn't hurt or itch, I'll keep moisturizing and just watch it. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I'm still new and unable to post yet in other forums so putting this question here. The areas in the attached photo were colored about 8 weeks ago. They do not itch or burn. They just continue to flake and peel. Is this a reaction to the red ink or something else? Any suggestions on getting it to resolve? I have red ink in other areas of in the same tattoo and on the back of the same leg but none of them have reacted this. This area is the bony part of my shin. With enough lotion the spots can't be seen but as soon as the skin dries out good, they return. The tattoo is a lighthouse on the front of my leg. It's just upside down in the picture. Thanks!!
  12. rob323


    If there's no fever and just congestion, I'd say you'd like do fine but you know you're body best in terms of recovery. Time under the needle would play a role in the decision for me. If you're expecting to do a shorter session then it's probably a non issue. If you're planning a 6-7 hour session those can be rough and take a toll on the body. You should also think about your artist....if you're that sick and contagious he/she I'm sure would prefer that your reschedule. Best of luck!
  13. Thanks again! Really appreciate the advice!
  14. @Meeshka Thanks! I'm hoping I'm never too old! I think I will just finish the water in the next section. The water goes up to the back of my knee so hopefully my brain will adjust to how much higher it is than the lighthouse in the front. I think I'll just try not to look at my self sideways in the mirror for a while!
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