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    Red Ink reaction or something else?

    @Gingerninja Yes I talked to him a month or so ago. He wasn't sure either. I guess if it doesn't hurt or itch, I'll keep moisturizing and just watch it. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm still new and unable to post yet in other forums so putting this question here. The areas in the attached photo were colored about 8 weeks ago. They do not itch or burn. They just continue to flake and peel. Is this a reaction to the red ink or something else? Any suggestions on getting it to resolve? I have red ink in other areas of in the same tattoo and on the back of the same leg but none of them have reacted this. This area is the bony part of my shin. With enough lotion the spots can't be seen but as soon as the skin dries out good, they return. The tattoo is a lighthouse on the front of my leg. It's just upside down in the picture. Thanks!!
  3. rob323


    If there's no fever and just congestion, I'd say you'd like do fine but you know you're body best in terms of recovery. Time under the needle would play a role in the decision for me. If you're expecting to do a shorter session then it's probably a non issue. If you're planning a 6-7 hour session those can be rough and take a toll on the body. You should also think about your artist....if you're that sick and contagious he/she I'm sure would prefer that your reschedule. Best of luck!
  4. rob323

    Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    Those have all been on the list!
  5. rob323

    Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    Thanks again! Really appreciate the advice!
  6. rob323

    Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    @Meeshka Thanks! I'm hoping I'm never too old! I think I will just finish the water in the next section. The water goes up to the back of my knee so hopefully my brain will adjust to how much higher it is than the lighthouse in the front. I think I'll just try not to look at my self sideways in the mirror for a while!
  7. rob323

    Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    Yep, until my skin gets too old and wrinkly to take the ink
  8. rob323

    Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    @Hogrider Thanks for taking time to respond! I definitely need to get the water shaded and finish the coverup around the bottom of the ankle. I am definitely concerned with overdoing it and then not being able to un-do it. I'm a newbie to larger tattoo designs, so one last question if you don't mind..would just finish the water shading and hold off for a bit? I have this weird symmetry thin in my head where it feels like I need to add something over the lighthouse because of how high the water goes on the back side of the leg. Make sense? I'm also an over-thinker...can ya' tell?
  9. rob323

    Lower leg sleeve in progress - advice

    @AverageJer any suggestion on adding above the lighthouse? We stopped the water outline where we did so that we could leave room for some smaller tattoos on the side/top. Think it'll come out okay with doing that and bringing the water around to the front?
  10. Hello, I'm new to the site so it's my first time posting. I've started a lower leg sleeve that's also a cover up of some old tattoos around my ankle that extended up 4-5 inches on each side. I'm doing a nautical theme for my love of the ocean and diving. The front of the leg is the lighthouse. The back of the leg is the dive helmet. On the back, I wanted waves coming off the images and around them so the water outline is partially completed. I'd love to hear what others think about the design and where it's headed. I'm struggling to see the finished product in my head for some reason. I'd like to add some smaller tattoos above and to the sides of the lighthouse then bring the water around to the front of the leg to fill in remaining empty space. Is that too much for the design? I see a lot of beautiful tattoos on this site and I'm not sure mine is stacking up in terms of design/quality so I'd love to hear what others think (hopefully I don't regret asking for that lol) before I finish the full tattoo.