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  1. Hello, first of all welcome, I'll share my personal opinion. I think a circle object (can be your preference) addition to the tip of the hand of the angel would look nice. Some sunrays or stripes can come down and fill the background. Your tattoo looks great btw, congrats.
  2. Thanks for the opinion 🙂 I will try to find some good ones.
  3. Well he didn't designed this tattoo, this was pre-designed and I dont think I trust him actually 😄 He is more like a painter than a designer. I think the forum is the best way to populate ideas 🙂
  4. So how can I create a topic to Tattoo Suggestions? It looks like I'm unable to do it for now 😄
  5. Thank you! There are minor problems that I dont like but I got used to them 🙂 It was December 2017 , 10-11 months ago.
  6. Thank you, im adding now, i want to complete this somehow up to my shoulder creating kind of a sleeve. I want to fill the gap between the raven and the wolf, and find something to complete the upper part. I always thought if it would be nice to add clouds , sky and maybe stars on top of it. What would be your suggestions. Will be much appreciated.
  7. Hello, Im an system engineer who works in Turkey. 26 years old, love animals, drumming and of course tattoos. Im kind of newbie to tattoos, i only have 1 on my arm. and I need suggestions how to improve that tattoo and complete a semi sleeve. Thanks 🙂
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